Wednesday, January 27, 2010

blogging meet photos

No one can say I haven't joined in with this blogging business wholeheartedly. Tags, guest posts, informal polls, giveaways: you've seen them all here, even when I had to skip the sorbet course or the petits fours to make time for posting.

To my dismay, another blogging phenomenon has now appeared on my radar: Blogger Meets. It's hard work, as many of you will be aware, to run a parallel world, and mine is so busy that I can hardly leave it unattended while I pile on the pearls and Gucci and head off to exquisite hotels to take tea with lovely like-minded bloggers and Thomas Pynchon. So I'll have to concoct a meet to keep up with the blogging Joneses.

I'll need the following for my Semblance:
  • a photo of you looking delighted to be present
  • a photo of you looking admiringly at my hat (assume a seated pose, I can photoshop in me and my hat)
  • a photo of you laughing lightly at something I (just out of shot) have said to you
  • a photo of you pointing at the aforementioned Gucci labels on my clothing and nodding knowledgeably as though to say, "yes, definitely the real thing, and this season's!"
  • a photo of you in expensive sunglasses about to leave through a magnificent gilt door
  • a quote from you about how lovely it was to finally meet me, and how we discovered that we share a love of lime green and tile adhesive.
I'll reciprocate in kind, of course, for your own Semblance of a Meet. Thanks, I sure do appreciate your help.


  1. Consider it done. It all just happened then, right inside my brain, and my it was a lovely little soiree. I really really love the Coon and Cabana canapes you presented so prettily too.

    Hmmm. Blogger meets. Isn't part of the point of blogging that you can't \ don't \won't meet in person? Or am I just a bit of a sociopath?

    I promise when I am next on the west coast of Ireland I will come to meet you. Will I need to hire a special 4WD? or is it an easy drive?

  2. Oh, goodness. This all sounds like so much work. I'm exhausted just thinking about it. But your hat *is* lovely. And so are your curtains. And your hair - your hair is ridiculously beautiful. And you know I love lime green. I adore it, in fact.


  3. Yes, a lovely get together. I was impressed Jane wore next season's Gucci. And the beluga was simply divine.

  4. Hi Mise,
    I'm afraid that I haven't heard of these blogger meets, but I am presuming that yours is virtual and am willing to join in !! Unfortunately I couldn't find a magnificent gilt door to leave through and my sunglasses came from Topshop...... I tend to sit on my sunglasses. so expensive ones are out of the question.
    I have become rather cynical of some areas of the blogging world lately, but this post has restored my faith in like-minded bloggers.
    I think that some take it just a little too seriously. (I am just wondering if I should have said that last bit, although I think that, everyone who reads your blog will be thinking along the same lines !!) XXXX

  5. I know what you all mean! A virtual blogger meet sounds fun, but I am worried about how good you'll make me look with Photoshop? I have an image to keep up after all, and no Gucci to wear.
    Just sometimes though, I am genuinely curious as to what it would be like to meet you all. Despite the effort needed to actually pull this off, I have the feeling we'd get along pretty well!

  6. You can have all that and more, as long as you promise to tell people that you never expected I would be so slim in real life. That's my only demand.

    And, dahling, I just *adore* tile adhesive.

  7. i hope you're serious. like, really.

  8. And here I thought that blogging was simply to avoid face-to-face meetings. Lime green is fantastic and I will send you my pictures shortly.

    And I, like Jane, will be heading your way in the next few years to meet you. With my entire family. We will be the crazy ones rolling up in a big van with tons of Guinness.

  9. The problem with photoshop is that people never look quite natural when you put them someplace they never were. Love the hat though.

  10. you're hilarious..are you serious? anyways, just to add to your pile, I'm sending you the kreativ blogger award. 7 things most wouldn't know about you.

  11. Hey Mise
    You crack me up!! I'll have to get back to you with the details of what fun we had in our little get together... In fact I think a virtual getaway is exactly what I need right now. I once had sent a friend's photo overseas with my sister and had her take photos of 'the photo' in various hot spots. My friend loved her virtual holiday... Well I'm afraid the only photo you'll get of me is in the one I'm speaking from right now.. Can't you see my lips moving.. xx Julie

  12. Do I have to wax anything? Seriously, if I have to wax or pluck anything, this meet is not in my future. I'll get back to you on the hat decision. You're wearing green, right? Meredy xo.

  13. Jane and Devon, that's so reassuring. I always assumed that when invited to a blogging meet I'd have to have a prior dining engagement with the Ambassador, unfortunately, but if I can say no straight out, so much the better. And there is a narrow road, so your 4WDs piled up with Guinness will be fine.

    It's a deal, Clair!

    Thanks for the kind award, Heather; I'll get on the case!

    The traveling photo is a super idea, Julie. I might see about sending mine on some UN peace-keeping missions.

  14. Mise, I'm glad you've proposed this solution. I might feel the need to borrow it, with full Semblance Credits to you, of course. I'd offer you Coon and Cabana, but that darn Jane always gets in first with the best canapes.

  15. I have a fake Gucci bag from a charity shop - can I come?

    I only ever had one blogger meet and we agreed no photos and no personal details on each others blogs. It was lovely.

  16. Oh Janey Mac...

    Wouldn't it be easier just to meet? No? Okay...

    I'm there then!

  17. It was a virtual delight to have this bloggers meet with you darling, Your repartee and sartorial elegance stole the show as always . mwah mwah ,

  18. i'll take the 4WD piled high with guinness tour!!
    me and my knock off louis vuitton wallet.


    PS. all the names would just be pooch, but i use nicknames or initials for clarity and individuality. i will call the embassy about the crisps

  19. Mise - this made me smile on a sad day....! Thanks for your kind words...Susie x

  20. These are the kind of blogger meets that I will attend...:) Although, not much of a designer gal myself...I clean up nice though! :) Have a great day, Mise!

  21. ah mise...what a party...!!!

    there was me - the only man in the room - stood in the corner for a long time on my own guinness in hand scratching my not too hairy arse while no one was looking...that was until deevon and the krazys showed up...

    didn't recognise you in the gucci and the scrub up a terra well don't you...

    your friend jaboopee there seemed to enjoy herself blog-on-the-beach too many for her was it...she sat on jacquelines sunglasses and decide to make a run for it before she was found it...and she still thinks it was all repartees and sartorial elegance...ah bless...

    looking forward to the next one...maybe i will host...wil you bring the gilt door...??? in the meantime i'm away off with vintage simple and devon...we're gone to analyse just how lime our lime greens are...

  22. he's funny that richy presley guy....did you see what he did on his own blog about this terrific virtual meet of yours,
    and PS: I resemble that remark

  23. Damn, I NEVER get invited to these Semblances. I'm going to be like the bad fairy in Sleeping Beauty. You better watch out for that spindle when you're spinning wool for your lime green angora cushions, Mise, my pretty. Cackle.

  24. virtual terrific...

  25. what a great idea i;d love to meet everyone.


  27. That's the spirit, Miss Mary.

    Floss, what a fine way to conduct a blogger meet. I definitely like the no media stipulation.

    Flora May, there's no semblance really. None at all. Everyone, quick, hide with your canapés. It's Flora May.

  28. Hilarious!! How did you know we all admired the lime greens and wore our Gucci sunglasses!!

  29. That was just golden. Next time I read one of your posts, I need to be sure and put my coffee down. Now I have to add "clean counters" to my already long to-do list. :0)


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