Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2009: an acquisitive year

2009 was the year in which I discovered and decoded blog giveaways. Once I had the lie of the land, my team of trained commentators took up residence with their laptops in an underground bunker in the mountains. When it became clear that the task before us was too great, we offshored some of the commenting and sat around playing ping pong.

Before long, the wins began to accumulate. The final tally for 2009 was four (4, FOUR) giveaway wins. OK then, two of them were fair and square wins and two from kindhearted people who took a momentary rest from helping abandoned baby donkeys to take pity on me.

You name it, I won it. Birds, a beautiful silkscreen print, a stately cookery book, crafty bits & pieces. Please don't name anything other than those.

It's been a valuable experience. For all of my life, I had been getting ahead on merit alone. Merit, as you know, is a bore, and I'm much more content now that I'm relying on chance and the comment-box instead.

I'm disbanding the team of giveaway entrants today, however, as it doesn't seem right to keep competing until I organise my own giveaway. That'll be soon. "Yes," she told herself sternly, "soon."

Meanwhile, I'm over at Amy's stylish no. 15, looking pensively out of my bedroom window.


  1. I can't even speak to you. 4 giveaway wins? You are like the lottery winner of all lottery winners. I'd say well-deserved, but heck, I'm too jealous.

    Your view is UNREAL. Please let me know when the property next to you comes up for sale. We'll be moving in.

  2. 4 give-away wins and no luck on the scratch cards from the esso garage at the bottom of your road...

    i'm imagining money couldn't buy you a view like that over on no.15...

    well it might buy a tidy wee plot next door...hmmm...maybe i'll bump into you one morning out buying scratchcards at the esso garage at the bottom of your road...

    i'll be hoping ofr a win on teh scratchcards to pay for the mortgage and few give-away wins to dress the gaff...

  3. Lucky girl!

    What a gorgeous view, such a cute blog you have.


  4. Four giveaway wins!! That is impressive, and underhand, considering the moaning commentary you maintained throughout 2009 about your lack of giveaway wins! I am forgiving though, and it is good to be out of that underground bunker at last. Happy New Year Mise. I can't wait for more of your wit and wisdom in 2010.

  5. Well Mise
    You have certainly decoded the mystery of the giveaway!! Four wins!! Not shabby!! As you know I won three and then the well dried up!!

    So ... i suspect i covet that view of yours more than the wins... [sorry Jane... except the book of course!! haha] what a wonderful view... I could look at that each morning... I live near the sea but don't have the view... it's my one ambition in life.. to get the view!!

    Well thank you putting your dibs on the pink streaks. i will keep it in mind!! along with #9 Positano hehehe xx Julie

  6. Well, Mise,
    After berating the fact that you never win a giveaway, you have overtaken most of us and are winning them left, right and centre!!!!He he. If I hear that you've won anymore, I will think that there has been foul play.
    You'd better keep any more wins quiet or you might be getting a visit from the Blog mafia !!.
    We love you really !! XXXX

  7. Congrats on your swag of giveaway wins and pity-presents, Mise ~ well done! Combine that with your quite sensational view and I'd say you've been blessed with much more than your good looks and a fine turn of phrase.

  8. you lucky lucky thing..... good things comes in 4's.....

  9. Taking a break from those abandoned donkeys to visit your blog ;-) Congrats on your lovely haul! Haven't totted up my own tally yet, must do so immediately x

  10. Haha such a cute post, lucky you 4 wins, not bad at all :)

  11. Very Funny! Did you share the booty with
    your cave dwellers? Oh, I mean blog
    commentators. LOL!

    Love your cute blog. Very funny and
    a pretty theme :)

    Have a Happy New Year!!


  12. what a beautiful view from your bedroom window, it's no wonder one must employ trained commentators ,why would one ever leave the bedroom...

    your giveaway special is awaited ,
    with a breath that is anxiously bated.

    from: francesca of assisi road/drumcondra

    you and beatrice make lovely audienks

  13. Congrat's on the giveaways. Some people have all the luck. ha ha...I found you via No 15's blog and your photo used for the "Through My Window" series. You must live in paradise!

    Happy New Year!

  14. What a view! What giveaway winning powers! Can I be you when I grow up? (to clarify, I'm already older than you, but still aspire to be so grown up)

  15. All that And "a room with a view"!
    And what a view! Just wow.

  16. You did collect quite the bounty! Congrats!

    Thanks again for sending me your lovely view. I'm still longing for a view of the sea.

    P.S. I'll do my best to try to make the urchin pouf look easy. Of course I haven't bought the yarn yet so no promises just high hopes.

  17. Giveaway junkie! I say that because I have won none.

  18. You are one lucky lady! Good karma...must mean you've lived virtuous and wonderful life so far.

  19. Congrats on all the wins. It's an achievement. I love your window view, it's my dream to live in a house by the sea. Me and my partner often go on car trips around Co Cork and look at houses playing a game which house we would love to live in. At the moment all I can see out of my French window is what a big house our neighbors have, so not only no sea, but no sun rays either:D

  20. Custard, perhaps you could do a daily post on your scratchcards and we could all share in your joy when you win? We wouldn't, of course, but we'd pretend now that blogging has versed us in being Olympics-Grade Nice (c.f Shell Sherree's masterly comment).

    Amanda, but see where the moaning got me? You have to be tough to survive in giveaway territory.

    Jaboopee, that's splendid. All comments in verse from now on please or I'll accuse you of prosaic mosaic.

    Speccy, if you're older than me your Sindys must be more Vintage and covetable than mine.

  21. unbelievable.Very lucky you are too!

    Lovely view from your window- i dream about such a view from my window one day.

  22. I never win...but then I don't think I've been entering...hmmm. Illogical, cap'n. I tried a few times but to no avail and was so incredibly gutted, I stayed in bed for days on end.

    I then hosted my own giveaway and said everyone who answered would win; 20 people later, I sent off packages abroad. Phew. Oh, and only half of them arrived...or only half said thanks anyway. So, I scunnered myself but it's a new year, a new dawn, a new day and I'm feeling....rude...do doo....ahem. I shall be hosting one soon too.

  23. Oh my! Is that your bottle of saffron gin! I love the stuff.

  24. Giveaways is a concept that is 'mindbloggling' to me ( my daughter came up with that one, I had to try it!). I am still just managing the day to day of blogging. I am very impressed by your accomplishments so far. Great blog. Look forward to following!
    Jeanne :)

  25. I love giveaways! Bloggers are so generous, I find.

  26. I don't know that it's fair that you should win FOUR giveaways AND have this view..!

    And...I've been thinking about you every time I see a cool floor lamp. Is the search over, or were you just teasing us...? Hmmmm?


  27. Your view? I'm speechless. Except to say it is STUNNING. Want to trade houses?

  28. Am nominating you for the 'Kreativ Blogger' award - would love to hear seven things we don't know about you! Warm wishes, Susie x

  29. I await your blog giveaway with happy anticipation... will it be home-crafted I wonder?

  30. Mise, now I know where the expression "luck of the Irish" comes from.... four giveaway wins and a breathtaking view...your cup runneth over. I was truly expecting to sea mermaids sitting on those rocks...maybe you and your daughters can stage a photo for our benefit? Meredy xo.

  31. Oh Bravo!

    2010 is clearly shaping up to be the year of the "guest blogger" then! I'm off to see your view now after all this effusive praise. (Just had to look that up before I used it, I was worried it might actually have something to do with effluent - phew, I'm relieved to see I was correct in my usage!)

  32. Well done you. But where am I going wrong? I clocked up a big fat 0 prizes won in giveaways in 2009. Mise I'm enlisting your help. First off, I will enter your very first giveaway with the faint hope that the blogger might take pity on me for my lack of previous wins. Ok, perhaps expecting you to sabotage your first giveaway on my behalf is a little extreme. I will re-read your post containing tips on how to win and see where that gets me.

    Nice view by the way.

  33. Geez this is impressive girl! I reckon you'll have to disqualify yourself this year to let the rest of us have an even chance. Glad to hear you had the best of birthdays - & lovely to discover you are a fellow Capricorn person!
    Millie ^_^

  34. Buenas noches

    I just wanted to say hi :)


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