Tuesday, December 15, 2009

with my compliments

I'd like to have some genuinely complimentary compliment slips. Those I receive always state baldly that they are 'with compliments', but that's no good to me; bring on the actual fulsome compliments. Serena Cowdy, are you out there? Or all the other creative crafters among you? How about compliment slips that say such things as:

I'd wear those earrings myself.

The design aesthetic of your sofa is impeccable.

Wherever did you get that darling dress? Is it cut on the bias?

All of us here think you are ace.

And I also need compliment slips that do the complimenting equivalent of damning with faint praise:

Your attempt at patience in sorting out my affairs has been noted.

I wish I were as good as you at correct desk posture.

And, dear reader, while I'm at it, you look especially radiant today and I love your blog. That last post of yours was ever so entertaining and incisive.


  1. The damning with faint praise reminds me of the end-of-year award my nephew received for his ability to sit on the mat in pre-school. A subtle (yet tangible) message to his parents.

  2. Oh damn you, now I have to spill one of my closely kept secrets - Junkmail Greetings. I've been a huge fan of Carol Lee's designs since the shop opened in 2007 (and it is the reason that I discovered etsy so long ago!) You're going to love her HateMail x

  3. You just made me sit up in my seat.

    Can you please come hither and design my space? When you do I promise you I will give you a fantastic compliment.

  4. This brings to mind the "non-apology" apology such as you hear from wayward sports stars who are discovered in indelicate situations...."I'm sorry IF I offended anyone" or "I'm sorry that people are upset about it".

    As for compliments for you Mise....can I just say that I love your blog more than my luggage? Meredy xo.
    p.s. re books for holidays - I'm currently reading The Elegance of the Hedgehog and it is fantastic. Author has a wonderful turn of phrase which I'm sure you would love. M xo

  5. your compliment slips are too funny :)

  6. The only trouble is, you might receive uncomplimentary compliments ( not proper English, but you know what I mean !!) Like; 'Many thanks for buying this dress but I don't think that you will look very good in it' !! OR 'Thank you for your custom and could we just say that you have made a bad choice !!OR ' We are grateful for your custom. Your taste is appalling' !!
    'Your blog is what has been missing in my life'. How's that Mise ? Hohoho. XXXX

  7. I'm here! And very glad I am too.

    This has given me some marvellous ideas (not in the plagiaristic sense :)) for some new Copper Swallow goods.

    Custom-made compliments slips, using your exact sentence of choice, popped out on a 1930s typewriter? Watch this space.

    Well, my blog space obv., but you get the picture...

  8. Hehe; This reminds me of our old vet, who after putting to sleep our rabbit and then later our dog sent us 'I'm sorry for the loss of your beloved pet' slips with the bill. How sweetly thoughtful of them!

  9. You sparkled tonight; you really did.

  10. You've spotted a niche in the market, for sure! I think you should go into production. I'd buy them.

    Brismod, my son's first 'achievement certificate' when he started school was awarded for 'a much improved attitude to his work'. This was the first we knew that there'd been a problem with his attitude. It's still my favourite of his certificates. My favourite of my own is my Brownie tea-making certificate.

    Sorry Mise, that was off-topic! But only because whenever I visit your blog I get so inspired with all sorts of thoughts and memories.... (That was a compliment, by the way. In case you didn't realise.)

  11. This is brilliant! definitely a gap in the market! Go serena!

  12. 5 year old daughter just got an award for "creative expression in dance". I think she was basically just totally, like, wigging out, man.

  13. You're onto something there, Mise. I suspect we'll see a rash of properly and improperly complimentary compliment slips on the market shortly, and all thanks to you.

  14. I am so confused. I've never heard the term compliment slips, so I googled it just so I could be in the know and leave a comment. Thank you for expanding my horizons, Mise. And now I think I'm going to request enrollment into an etiquette class for x-mas.

  15. Why thank you, Ms. far west ,you've quite a complement of compliments there . I'd like to return the compliment, and compliment you on being a super complimenter ,

    People and Drinks are always at their best when complimentary

    My Compliments of the season to you and yours....

  16. custard too is simply at its finest when complimentary...

    i've been told my compliments make a bad situation funny...

    i'm forever known to smack bang into people in the corridors at work, sent papers and files high in the air only to shout 'jaysus, i could have bumped into worse things'...

    conversation lozengers is what your reading makes for PFW...

  17. Clair, some of those HateMail cards are great - thanks for the link! I'll work on finding suitable recipients.

    Meredith, I might give that book a go for its title alone.

    Excellent, Serena, I hope you're much complimented on them.

    Courtney, I'm interested. Do you call them something different over there? Or do people just send the final demands and unwanted freebies with no slip at all?

    Custard, keep that up and someone will buy you a drink.

  18. Mise, you absolutely kill me. I adore your humor and your blog. And that's no ordinary compliment, my friend.

  19. This made my giggle! I'm designing new compliment slips for my store at the moment and I think I might take your advice! :)

  20. Flattery gets you everywhere! May I compliment you on such a great idea!

  21. i think thats a good idea for a coffee shop for me . maybe in the new year.
    your compliment slips are agreat idea one i may borrow for the shop if thats ok with you.

  22. Antonia she is, Mise.
    Well done on winning Jane's giveaway. Did you see my scathing comment ? !!!! hehe. XXXX

  23. hilarious post. i love your comp slips and the resulting comments are very funny too! thanks for dropping by my blog today!

  24. i learned always use sugar not vinegar when i want something. good advice...
    have a great day


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