Monday, December 21, 2009

though always I was home in time

Tagged by the nomadic Silent Storyteller, Prince's dance partner and creator of beautiful garments, I merely remark that I've told everyone all about myself in the past while they sat impatiently rattling their ice-cubes.

As it's the done thing to parade the inner self hereabouts, I'll add that this poem by John Engels hangs accusingly and companionably by my desk, reminding me of my abiding character flaw.

That's enough of the inner self. I'm to tag some more people for them to dish out a few facts, so over to you at your leisure Devon, Jaboopee, Flora May and Julian Barnes, who is, I assume, a constant reader. Who have I forgotten? Don't worry if you've done one of these before, just do it again in January with the same plot and a different villain.

Happy Christmas to all the wonderfully wise and giddy commentators.


  1. I'm stumped on this tag too! I feel like I'm as exposed as a Soutine carcass already! I love this post though.

    Wishing you a very Happy Christmas.

  2. This post has started my morning off with a laugh. Thanks Mise!
    Happy Christmas to you and your adorable family! I'm sure Pink Daughter and Blue Daughter are counting down the sleeps until Santa visits!

  3. sweet... i like it.
    all the best for a very merry christmas !!

  4. My word, but your posts bring me back to a former, thinking, life that isn't generally prodded by the other blogs I read. I like this muchly. Merry Christmas!

  5. Good lord. One of your readers is The Julian Barnes? One of my favourite late 20th century and early 21 C authors? It cannot be.

    Happy Christmas Mise to you snuggled up with your family and your moving gates. XOXO

    Regards Zadie Smith

  6. Zadie, I mean Jane, is too funny. Mise, if only I could tag someone with such a distinguished moniker...I am now on the search for a John Steinbeck or Thomas Hardy in blog world.
    I have enjoyed reading your posts. Best wishes for Christmas. Anita

  7. i thank you ,i think, for this tagsk of revealing what i've tried concealing , but first , i must insist, you show me yours before i'll show you mine!
    a very wonderful happy christmas to all you lovely folk pretty far west...It's been lovely having you here on my computer.

  8. I can always rely on you for a chuckle Mise, your mind works overtime on these things I am sure. Merry Xmas my dear. Simone

  9. Happy Christmas to you and yours Mise! Hope you have a warm and wonderful festive holiday!

  10. Oh Mise, you can always raise a smile.
    Many thanks for the lovely comment although, I think that Gosford Park might be pushing it !!!!
    Thanks so much for being such a fun blogging friend and for being so supportive, Mise. I wish you and your family and friends a very Merry Christmas and for many happy times in the New Year. With love. XXXX

  11. Merry Christmas my friend.

    As for the 10 fun facts, you are on crouton. Let me get thinking...

  12. Merry Christmas, Mise ~ thank you for the constant chuckles and delights!!

  13. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year Mise, I look forward to your postings in 2010 :)

  14. Just popped by the wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas (probably will be, with the well-brandied mincemeat) - so glad I found your blog (thanks Clair), looking forward to more entertaining and thought-provoking posts through 2010 :-)

  15. Have a wonderful Christmas, Mise!

  16. best wishes, love and hugs for chridtmas the new year and forever!!!

  17. Dear Mise
    Wishing a wonderful wonderful Christmas to you and your loved ones... the little 'Mise Missies' and Mr Far West

    Best wishes for a lovely holiday.. and thank you for all your kind and fun support over my way... xxx Julie

  18. Oh Mise, you bring your very own brand of sunshine into certainly has a far reach. Hope you and all the Pretty Far Westafarians have had a wonderful Christmas. Meredy xo.

    p.s. I had planned to send you your very own cheese stick, but I ending up eating it at 2am one morning after a heavy duty present wrapping session. I thought of you though.

  19. Oooh, that's me!

    Oh no, I'll never be able to come up with something as eloquently wry after all the chocolate and random alcoholic beverages I've consumed over the last few days. I'll have to work on this.

    Thanks though. I'm jolly flattered to be tagged.

    Hope you and the family had a wonderful Christmas x

  20. I hope you had a lovely Christmas and have a fun filled New Year's Eve! Wishing you much success and happiness in 2010!

  21. Hope you had a fantastic Christmas! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us in 2010!


  22. You make me laugh!

    Merry Christmas to you, & look forward to leaving your blog with a smile in 2010!!

  23. I love poetry so thanks for that wonderful poem!


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