Thursday, December 3, 2009

I want it to be black

Scottish Husband lost his car in the floods between Dublin and Galway two weeks ago. Later, amid much rain, a bevy of kind truck-drivers and insurers recovered it, towed it away and wrote it off. Our only copy of U2's 'All That You Can't Bear To Listen To Again' was salvaged. Since then, my less fancy car has been getting some respect and we've curtailed our hectic imaginary calendar of charity balls and ambassadors' dinners so that we have time to sit around the fire choosing a new car online. One of us does the actual choosing, the other occasionally looks up from her busy money-laundering and distractedly says, "yes, torque is surely so important."

The make and model are a done deal and the big question is whether to be landed gentry or actors in The Godfather. In other words, agricultural green or shiny black. I'm willing to take a minor interest in colour, even for vehicles, and I vote for shiny black, as agriculture is insistently insidious and will certainly ultimately prevail, just like erosion and lower standards in public office. Also I have new sunglasses that'll complete the look.

As for the irrelevant images, Humel sent me a lovely prize package from a giveaway I never even knew I was entering. Bless her generous & creative nature and her understanding of the importance of jelly beans in a balanced diet. The homemade xmas tree decorations are meagre evidence that I'm a good mother (Humel, you'll recognise that ribbon). And the sunny day was a joy.


  1. I vote for black too, it's so stylish.

    P.S. I dedicated my post today to your comment. I hope I did okay my kids knowledge is limited. If none of these work I say decorate the bottom of the tree with the kids ornaments and the top with the serene. When you need a moment, take a book and hold it up so only the serene shows. LOL :)

  2. Landed gentry or actors in The Godfather - I love a good laugh, and you certainly provide one! Black to match the sunglasses sounds very distinguished.
    P.S I think Humel made up the giveaway so that you had a win. A generous & creative nature indeed!

  3. So funny - a mafia car in country Ireland. What about silver...all the cars in Australia are currently a silvery shade of beige or a beigy shade of silver. Personally I like Navy very Jackie O but hard to find. And I think you will find Torque is critical getting over the muddy bits..xoxo

  4. I like black cars best of all. Well, not more than giveaways. Congratulations, Mise. Those jellybeans look delicious!

  5. They always say never buy a black car in QLD as the heat is to severe and your car will always be hotter. But they just look so fab sometimes don't they?

  6. Oh Mise, I just love your blog. If I don't comment on every post, it's only because I am too busy swatting children away from me, clutching my stomach from laughing and to try and type as well is just a bridge too far. Um, exactly how far west are you that you can only order a car online? Are you part of a domestic outpost doing scientific research? Meredy xo.

  7. I'm sorry to hear about your car and the return of that cd... doesn't Irish superstition insist that you cannot drive a green car in the country ?

  8. lovely post, as usual. I vote for shiny black too. Just because of the sunglasses.

  9. As silver is not available as an option, I vote for black. Now, enough of this blogging business. I'm sure you still have some money-laundering to complete and jelly beans to eat.

    Ooooo. My wv is 'misol'.

  10. Colour is the most important aspect of choosing a new car. After all, image is everything. You wouldn't want to turn up to a charity ball or an ambassador's dinner in *gasp!* the wrong-coloured vehicle, would you?

    So glad your prize helped you to evidence your good motherhoodness :-) And topped up your level of jelly beans in your diet, of course.

    Now, I haven't been following your blog for very long yet 'cos I have led a sheltered life. I just want to know: Is he Scottish Husband to distinguish him from all your other husbands???

  11. Lucky you winning a giveaway without even realising!
    Definitely go for the black ;-)
    Your Sindy post made me giggle out loud- you obviously had the maternal instinct and a practical mind from a very young age! I on the other hand used to take my giant furry killer whale out for walks in a poor parents were always so embarrassed when people stopped to ask to see my 'dolly' only to see an orca staring back up at them.

  12. I vote black - always classic! good luck in the search!

  13. Hey Mise
    I'm looking for a car too.. and promised myself never colour again... only black .. or maybe white... then I saw a little car I liked in blue...Unfortunately I need to buy the cheapest new car I can get my hands on ... with air con... so choices may be limited..

    Love your handiwork there!! and your little girls have the most beautiful hair... I wonder where they got that from..

    Take care and thanks for your lovely comments re my photos.. wouldn't it be great if we could all just take off to Positano?

    xxx Julie

  14. if the sunglasses match, i think thats all that matters.... black!

  15. First of all Mise, I'm so sorry you suffered in the floods. It must have been horrible for you.
    I have always had a black car, Mise. My husband, ignored me when he bought his last car , and bought silver but ,it would have looked a whole lot better in black. My car looks great in black. It looks angry and menacing which I like!! hehe. How anyone can buy a pink car, I don't know. (sorry anyone who has a pink car !). Agriculture green just passes my car colour test. It scrapes in, by the skin of it's teeth as, I like Range Rovers and Discovery's in that colour. They, actually, shouldn't be in any other colour.
    God, I've gone on. I didn't know that I had that much to say on the subject. ....scratch that, I have something to say on most subjects !!
    .... and, another giveaway win !! You will have won more than anyone soon !
    Enjoy your weekend. XXXX

  16. Hi there! Thank you for visiting me.

    To weigh in on the grand car debate of 2009 I would like to cast my vote for the black. The sunglasses are good but to score extra points you should make sure you wear a black leather jacket too.

  17. I vote for actors in The other words...shiny black.

  18. Is it too late for me to vote black too? The only "problem" with black is it only looks really good when perfectly clean. The last time I had a black car it made me cringe every time it was dusty (most days).


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