Monday, November 16, 2009

Hilary Mantel, drives superb

This is Hilary Mantel, author of the bleak and beautifully observed An Experiment in Love and the less portable Wolf Hall, on reading newspapers:
I understand the despondency and lassitude that overtake the reader at the repetitious parade of human folly, and the evidence, reinforced on a daily basis, of nature's malignity and the indifference of the gods; but me, I just like the small ads.
And this is the whole article, from the Guardian (with thanks to our Nottingham reader for the link). It speaks of how writers get their inspiration, but also, along the way, of bridesmaids' dresses, dodgy car dealers, royal engagements and old school reunions. To borrow her own term, it drives superb.


  1. Delightful, Mise. Unexpected, and delightful! {Somewhat like you.}

  2. Okay, I'll have to come back and read it in its entirety because it does look wonderful... And I loved the bit about the bridesmaids dresses - just the kind of detail that would stand out to me as I perused through the paper... and the bit about what the newspaper looks like when she's done with it - what a wonderful image..! Anyway. I'll come back to it with more time. Thanks for the link, dear.


  3. in the last comment section, you mentioned west of galway. i visited that exact area one year ago early september. when zoom airlines bankrupt, we didnt have a flight home, so enjoyed a few extra days in ireland. my aunt and i were whining that we hadnt booked an extra few days... so, we got them!!!
    i LOVED it there, and i am half irish ( the good half obviously )

    ~ laura have a really good day

  4. What a brilliant article, Mise. I love the part about the bridesmaids dresses and the school reunion...hilarious......and I can so relate to being in a restaurant and listening to what other people are saying. I make up stories all the time about people and situations. Thanks for the link. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the article. XXXX

  5. my short span of attention for written words on a computer only stretches to 15 words

  6. Laura, I didn't know you're half Irish. I'm glad you reached the west.

    Elaine, pretty far west values your readership and has truncated this to exactly fifteen words

  7. I love it! I'll go read the entire show.... ;O)

  8. I love making up stories in my mind of other peoples situations when i am out to dinner or in a coffee shop. Why do we do this???

  9. What a brilliant article! I too am fascinated by the mental picture of those 3 bridesmaids. Thanks Mise!


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