Monday, November 2, 2009

dancing in high heels

I'd sometimes like to be taller. At 5 feet 8 inches, I'm probably of average height but average is only average. At a lovely wedding in Killashee House this Halloween, the merry dancing continued into the night, and as the women spun on I watched many of them abandon their high heels and suddenly shrink. They turned from exotic creatures of grace and beauty into slightly shorter exotic creatures of grace and beauty. What a difference.

Here's the heel height I normally dance in.
[Image: Barefoot Tess]

And here's my planned acquisition, the heel height I can't dance in. Yes, I know, it's not a stiletto and you, dear reader, can do the moonwalk in four inch heels and stilts while balancing a giveaway win on your head, but I can't. I have other talents, but how insignificant they seem now.

So I'm going to practice dancing in high heels. Please stand back.


  1. I get vertigo in anything other than trainers but I am tentatively trying my luck in ballet pumps lately...still holding on to the wall though.

  2. I trip over my own feet enough in flats. I'm usually not willing to risk a trip to the hospital for a spin in heels, but it's something I do dream about.

  3. Hmm I am told I have extremely flexible calves which is unusual for women who wear high heels. I think the solution for your high heels is to do that dancing from the 1980s where you don't really move your feet but sway a bit and swing your arms. Taller and no falling over. Problem solved!!!! Pleased to be of assistance.. xoxo

  4. What lovely new shoes, I love the buckle. I think the only people who can really dance in heels are the ones who aren't dancing at all. Their feet are stationary while the rest of their body gives the impression of dancing. Imagine you are on a surfboard. Alternatively my sister has a pair of fold up flat shoes she always keeps in her bag.

  5. I'm a flat shoes person too. I love the idea of heels, and at about 5 foot 3 I definitely need them, but I'll take my Green Flash over stilettos any day of the week.

  6. Well, much as I love both pairs of shoes, I'm afraid that since I'm at a mere 5' 5" you don't get any sympathy for your stature :)

  7. I'm 4'11" and my wedding shoes make me 5'3". Its one inch of platform and 3 inches of heel.

    I'm sure I'll be telling stories of how I feel doing our wedding dance. But I wear high heels all the time and I've never fallen. ~knocks on wood~

  8. Sweet mary, those pink and red shoes are beautiful! 5'8" is a little more than average, by the way!

  9. Hey Mise....your already tall at 5' 8" and I just LOVE the first pair of shoes. I think that you need to wear high heels daily to get used to them....and also have youth on your side !'re miles younger than me so you can do it !....keep practicing, and before you know it, you'll be a dab hand at dancing in those stilletos !! XXXX

  10. I am 5'5 and for years I told people I was 5'6 - which in Canada, is average. Who was I trying to kid - they could see me! I can't walk in heels, let alone dance in them, so bravo to you. You are one step ahead of me!

  11. i take ballroom dance lessons and its all about the heels. and yes, it is difficult to learn in them, but ahhh it looks so beautiful. really, the man balances you and leads.... the ladies job is to mostly just look beautiful and graceful....and have FUN
    great shoes !!!
    ~ laura

  12. Mise you are a superstar- thanks for the link. Good luck with the heels,
    you are braver lady than me. I'm 5foot 2 but high heels are not an option - I look like Peg Bundy tottering about!

  13. 5'8" is positively amazonian in my book..
    ...ive just come back from the michael jackson this is it film and was really struck by how absolutely brillant his backing dancers were but how unfair it was that the female ones had to do the same dancing as the males but with the additional handicap of skyscraper high heels .. whats that about?
    i like dancing to the slow sets! why is there no slow sets anymore.?
    mise, i've come to rely on you now to provide the answers to lifes searching questions. thank you in advance,

  14. Ballet pumps, Flora May - I wish I could wear them too, as they are so dainty, but my knees protest.

    Dandy, good luck with those wedding shoes. You're so way ahead of me that I'm not even in the running (or dancing).

    That's it, Heather, you tell people exactly what you like, and never mind the evidence.

    Elaine, I was thinking exactly that on Saturday night. Where are the slow sets? Maybe it's because of the recession, that they can't let us take a rest by slow-dancing so we have to sit down instead and probably buy a drink to have while we're sitting. But yes, it's a big, big shame.

  15. I suspect I fall into the 'swaying' category rather than the 'spinning' category. All the best with your lofty goal, Mise. :)

  16. You are one up on least you can dance!

  17. HI Mise
    Great post... love your explanation
    Well I think 5'8" is tall!!! Taller than me!! hehe... I used to be able to dance in any shoe.. provided I had a little helper called alcohol!! But seeing I've given up hangovers I also had to hang up the dancing shoes. Amazing how hard it is now to wear them when out of practice..

    But don't let me put you off...!!!
    Ciao xx Julie

  18. I'm just practising walking in high heels, let alone dancing in them. I'm such a 'flat' girl, but I'm determined to break out. I need some of that, what was it, exotic grace!!

  19. Oh are so funny and have such a quick wit. I loved your comment re Hallmark cards and so true......mind you. I see the possibilities here for you and me.......maybe we should start making some Guy Fawkes Day cards and become millionaires !!!!


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