Friday, November 13, 2009

banana and walnut bread

The lifestyle bus keeps trundling on and if you're not on it baking cupcakes and sewing aprons, you're no one. So I thought I'd better bestir myself from the cheap seats at the back and make something. Today banana bread, tomorrow my own channel on American TV. I'm worried about how the children will take to fame.

You need:
75g butter, 75g sugar, 2 eggs, 2 bananas, 250g flour, 100g chopped walnuts, 3tsp baking powder, 3 tsp ground nutmeg

To do:
  1. Melt the butter.
  2. In an electric mixer, mix together the butter, sugar, eggs and bananas.
  3. Add everything else and mix again
  4. Lined loaf tin
  5. Oven, 190C, 45 min
For a healthier version, instead of the flour use half flour and half oatmeal, which is equally delicious.


  1. How delicious, I love making banana bread but I have never tried the half flour and half oatmeal, I will definitely give it a go. I like to have a slice of banana bread with a bit of butter on it. Is this crazy?? It is called a bread but it takes as delicious as cake and I never put butter on cake!

  2. Fantastic- brilliant post! made me laugh!

    Looks delicious too

  3. That banana and walnut bread has a real front row look about it ,standing so high and so textured and so tasty looking ..
    When I bake this it usually looks fat ,flat and pallid ... and i'm left with only my apron as a console .

  4. Mmm I've always love banana bread...although bread is still not considered dessert in my mind...maybe a snack.
    Oh and don't worry, once you're famous, the kids will adjust, just as long as you don't go J&K+8 crazy on them...

    ave a lovely weekend :D

  5. Really, that sounds so easy!

    Only I don't know my metric conversions. Darn the US and its metric stubbornness!

  6. Mmm mmmm; can you give a guest spot to your wee Scottish pal? Love the new profile pic too. x

  7. since my new flatmate (one Annie Atkins) told me in no uncertain terms that she supported my bread baking endeavours, but "why would you ever eat bread, when you could eat cake?" The compromise, we decided, would be banana bread - I'll be trying this as soon as I get back to the Stoneybatter kitchen!

  8. Yum. Looks great! I usually buy the Banana Bread Mix from Trader Joe's. Do you have Trader Joe's in Ireland?

  9. God, that looks good, Mise.Is it a family recipe ? You are so good at baking. I want you for a neighbour. How lovely to just knock on your door for a cuppa and a slice of cake. I will be looking out for your T.V. debut. You'll be up there with all the other yummy mummies !! XXXX

  10. THANK YOU!I'm trying the recipe tomorrow - lovely!

  11. It looks so yummy. I'll have to try it with my gluten-free flour...oh, how I miss good bread.

  12. Helen: I'd love to! I'll be in touch.

    Fiona: Annie Atkins as flatmate! You brave, lucky woman. Good luck to the Stoneybatter baking.

    Loving Life in SC: No, no Trader Joe's. Electricity, but only recently.

    Jacqueline: come by anytime! It's only a small sea.

  13. Hilarious. Love the tip about half flour, half oatmeal. I'm completely sold on the idea of you as a TV chef...get designing a homewares line immediately young lady! I'm manner of Naked Chef, Barefoot Contessa..what would you call yourself? Bare body parts seem to be agiven. Could you run a poll? Meredith xo.

  14. Any recipe that calls for melting butter rather than creaming it gets a chef's hat from me!

  15. Oh dear. I still need to buy a ticket for the lifestyle bus. I don't use my bread pan for anything other than corralling the mail each day.

  16. Banana bread is my absolute favorite. This looks so delicious.

  17. I am feeling wildly ambitious and have two over-ripe bananas. I am *planning* to try the modern coconut oil and the oatmeal version. In case you might be wondering: according to the WWW in my kitchen it will be: 1/3 cup coconut oil, 2/3 cups sugar, 1 cup flour, 1 cup oatmeal at 375. (You know you officially have a crazed reader when she looks up the conversions for a banana bread recipe.) Here I come! save me a seat!


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