Wednesday, November 18, 2009

angst & this & that

Whenever I have a go at anything that could be considered craft, such as yesterday's exercise in footstool millinery, I think of e.e. cummings' lines about the Cambridge ladies who live in furnished souls:
they believe in Christ and Longfellow, both dead,
are invariably interested in so many things-
at the present writing one still finds
delighted fingers knitting for the is it Poles?
and they give me pause. I mention this because a friend tells me that there is insufficient angst and introspection in my blog. She's right. I've tended to channel the angst into my imaginary violin-playing, but from now on I'll ensure that it gets recorded right here.

Thank you all for your encouraging remarks, and the fabric, Jane, is from KA International.

Moving on, here are some of the lovely cards I bought from the Copper Swallow this week. Could everyone to whom I intend to send them please look away now? Thanks.

They're made by Serena with an old typewriter, stamps and imaginative flair.

And Pursued by a Bear points out Some Blind Alley's poem contest, a route to incredible fame. "Hmm, abab, cdcd, efef", I mutter creatively to myself.


  1. You're welcome to borrow bits from my blog full of angst and introspection should you feel the need. I'm thinking of borrowing all your funny bits :)

  2. It's such a fine line isn't it?

    Too much angst and people hate you and describe you as a Complainer (a fate worse than death in my mother's book).

    Too little angst and people may get the impression that all is perfect and your life is wonderful and from there it's all downhill - your readers will feel envy and jealousy, they will try to copy you and finally they will just go away forever, bitter, twisted and hateful. xoxo

  3. If I look away and send you my address,Mise, will you send me a card ? I haven't looked, really !! XXXX

  4. hello! i just came across your blog and wanted to say hi, i like your mix of interestingness & humor. also, i love the stool cover and think it will be even more adorable once the stool is white, but the wood stool looks gorgeous too :)
    xo meg

  5. since im kinda still new at this, i thought i'd save the angst at least until i have a few friends....
    ~ laura

  6. Oooh - thank you so much for mentioning my cards :)

    (NB - note the exclamation replaced by smiley - one step at a time...)

  7. Mmmm, somehow angst doesn't seem compatible with 'pretty far west'!!

  8. It may not help with the angst, but I just gave you an award, hope you like it x

  9. Even your version of angst is so cerebral - and I mean that as the highest compliment, Mise. I need some of your level-headedness to rub off on me...

    The quote does cause me to pause, as well. Why is it that there is this constant struggle in women between the domestic and the intellectual..? Can't we have both? I don't think they are exclusive of one another, no? Or, at least, I'd like to think they no longer are...

    Anyway. Maybe I totally misunderstood your post. Hope this weekend is filled with little angst and much introspection, whether it produces thoughtful crafts or lovely poems.


  10. Fair deal, Clair. We can be an opera.

    Jacqueline, I'm writing your card as we speak.

    Meg, hello and thank you.

    And thank you, humel, for my award (it's a new one).

    Maria, I guess craft and academia are separately fine, but the unwitting condescension of the Cambridge ladies busily engaging in charitable craft isn't. Thanks for your kind wishes!

  11. my friend said you should continue to channel your angst into your imaginary violin playing.. friend likes your blog just the way it is

  12. Yeah, I've been told that I'm not an 'angster' that a pretend violin case I see before me? I remember once being asked by a lovely friend via facebook what was wrong and I told her. I told her good. I never heard from her again for a whole year. So, my angst is too much for people to bear. It comes out now and then in little ways, so as not to lose everyone at the same time... ;O). I love your blog. Never change. xxx

  13. What great cards, so colourful, I would be framing them as art!

  14. Oh for God's sake, I'm away ripping my house apart for a week, and you've changed your photo and now feel that you lack angst. I love your blog and your posts. I feel they have sufficient angst and introspection, but maybe would enjoy seeing a mild cuss word here and there. Do you ever think all would abandon you if you swore? I do. I can't tell you how many times I've hit the delete button - it gives me great angst. Perhaps, if I use a bit of introspection, I will realize that I care to much about what others think.

  15. Oopsie ~ there is neither angst nor introspection over at my place. Oooh, pretty cards. I'm glad they aren't angst-ridden.

  16. ah, but you make such lovely music...

  17. speccy, you're still here. Hurrah!

    That's the spirit, Helen. Angst is for people who don't have enough to do.

    Elaine, I guess your friend gets her full dose of angst in the old Mills & Boon stories?

  18. I love a blog that melds stool covers with e.e. cummings.


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