Tuesday, October 27, 2009

utterly devoted to lifestyle

Let it not be said that I don't embrace this blogging pursuit wholeheartedly. In the past, I spent holiday weekends quelling the masses or sitting in my counting-house, counting out my money. Now, I devote myself to lifestyle. No moment of lifestyle passes in my household without everyone being instructed to Hold That Pose.

So we made bread, which mercifully rose, and Nigella Lawson's Ricarelli biscuits for Mamó's birthday party. Cheese scones and peanut cookies for visitors. You name it, we baked it.
When it rained, we damply appreciated nature, and we knitted a bedraggled scarf for dollie. But the coup de grâce was the purchase of Cath Kidston's Sew, the lifestyle blogger's passport.

It includes everything I need to make the charming bag depicted on the cover. Perhaps I'll even make it. I can imagine myself walking round the streets with it, meeting others proudly flourishing the same bag. A secret understanding would pass between us, the bond of women who would like to be creative but don't have time to cut our own fabric AND read all the blogs, goddammit.

So this post includes a helpful facility for all those people who career madly round the Internet, commenting on all the blogs. Today, you can just type A, B, C or D. No need to thank me.

A. My, what a charming LIFESTYLE that is you are depicting.
B. What? I don't understand. What?
C. Why won't you talk to me? (You never talk to me.)
D. My friend loves those curtains!


  1. well, you know I'm going to pick 'D' - my friend loves those curtains!

  2. A, of course..although your non-love of apple green almost got you a B. ;)

    Nigella Lawson is both endearing and scary. My husband thinks she's a goddess while I stare suspiciously at her on TV. Is she truly real? It cannot be disputed, however, that her food rocks.

  3. A. as to those lovely baked goods. B. as to the sewing. I'm terrified of sewing. And E. None of the above as to your new banner. It's lovely!

  4. A. Your scones made my mouth water.

  5. Definitely A. love your baked goods...:)

    I love Cath Kidston and that fabric is awesome!

  6. my friend said B but i said D and then my friend said , what curtains? and I told my friend it doesn't matter, she's the woman whose making the cath kidston bag, oh! then its A my friend said and ran off while i shouted C after her.

    ps maquette would be a beautiful name for a girl and I think maquer could work for a boy, and pps your friend is very discerning re. drawings.

  7. A, A and A of course!!

    Thanks for your comment, am feeling bit better, taking ages to shake it off and now have loads of work to catch up on before I get back to blogging. Brain like cotton wool rather than feeling creative!

  8. A all the things i think about doing, you do ! i must do other fun things.
    i am intrigued about the bag tho....maybe my seamstress friend will sew it for me haha
    ~ laura

  9. Those cheese scones sounds FAB!!! Love scones... love cheese... I need to find a recipe!

  10. E. all of the above.

    Are you trying to say there are people out there that do things besides reading blogs?

    I've been dying to try those Nigella biscuits!

  11. I'm going to have to go with D. OF COURSE.

    And as far your earlier wants, I'm sure you've checked out Restoration Hardware..? Crazy prices, but sometimes crazy wants demand...well, crazy prices. They have a searchlight and a sealight that are kind of cool. (And crazy expensive.)

    And I know you've professed your dislike for Eames chairs... But how would you feel about (an unconfirmed) Eames light on Ebay? (Free shipping... perhaps even to Ireland! Eeeep!)



  12. Oh, and oh:


    Maybe more work than you want, but I love this idea...


  13. Oh Mise....I wish that you were my neighbour. I want to come round and have Nigella's cheese scones and peanut cookies.
    Oh, and the bag thingy is so funny and so true.
    I find that nothing gets done in my house now...it's just comment city....that's all I seem to do. I guess it will keep my brain alert and functioning and, hopefully, I won't have to buy one of those Brain Teaser thingys !!!! XXXX

  14. Definitely A. Your lifestyle kicks my lifestyle's butt. Thank you for making me laugh out loud. In fact, I laughed so loudly I woke up the cats. xo Gigi

  15. I'll go for 'a'. Thanks for keeping this simple Mise.

  16. I've always done well with multiple choice. I'll go with A. Too good!

  17. D of course. I am waiting on that book to arrive any day now. Yipee!

  18. I love your sense of humor. :)

    I hope your lifestyle book gets more use than my lifestyle books...although they do make lovely door props.

  19. Well I was of course going to pick A, but really you deserve a D, and I do loooove those curtains. I love Nigella too - ever since I saw her making her 'exhausted mother's supper' - one jar tomato passata, add orzo - et voila! She's my kind of girl.

  20. Alek, thanks for the E!

    Lorna, blogging will wait! Glad you're feeling better.

    Jacqueline, comment city is right. Ah well, one day the phase will pass.

    Dee, I have to admire you for choosing C but I can't tell you that as I'm not talking to you.

    Maria, thank you very much for your alert assistance!

  21. E - I've forgotten what the options were, but this post make me chortle like mad :)


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