Thursday, October 8, 2009

tell me why

The unwritten rules of lifestyle blogging decree that every post should contain an image, so here's the Guinness teabread I made with the Guinness left over from the Chocolate Guinness cake. It was well-received. But never mind that.

Why blog? It's something that I've been thinking about, and for my imaginary TV appearances I dish out the old reliable line about Tiananmen Square before they cut to the band. I was reminded of the question today by Heather's evocative description of the benefits of being a part of the capricious community of design bloggers at A Day in the Country, so, being inquisitive, I'm asking you:

a) Why do you blog?
b) No, really, why do you blog?

I was telling Scottish Husband only the other day that you are wonderful commentators, insightful and smart, not like those people in the olden days of usenet who lived by 'Me too!!!' or the more contemporary 'Love those curtains!!!' brigade. So you mustn't let me down now.


  1. My husband asked me this the other day. I think my response as to why I blog could change on a daily basis, but I truly believe it's because I (i) work 50+ hours a week; and (ii) am raising kids. This means absolutely zero time during the waking hours to hang or chat with any girlfriends or take time for me. Blogging is my way of reaching out and meeting other friends...and, it's a pretty non-invasive way of doing so. No requirements to chat on the phone, show up for coffee dates or the like. Just to read about various folks lovely lives and feel a part of something other than my own world.

    For all those who respond by saying it's because they make thousands of dollars, I say we kick them in the shins.

  2. VGQ. I do it because (a) I like to write. The pictures are just to make the page look semi attractive. you might ask why don't I write a book, or a diary. The answer to the first is that I have! And I can't do a diary because I type 100 times better than I write. (b) I think it is a good use of 'messing round on the internet' time, which we all do anyway. (c) it makes me feel better about the world because the blogging community is so welcoming and all round nice (and funny, like you Mise)... xoxo

  3. Well, actually, I don't blog. I read lots of blogs, for similar reasons to why Devon and Jane write. It's about connecting with others, getting inspired and sharing experiences. I don't write because those of you who can say it so much better. If I had a blog it would be rambling and mundane- but then you'd guessed that already!

  4. my word verification is deperg which is an anagram of ..rg...deep .!! your at it again mise asking us the really deep questions just when we have to go off and do some actual work ;0)...
    primarily its great fun isn't it and we don't have to interfacing with the real world with our coats constantly on with 2 glasses of wine in our hand!

    it's like being 7 again and having pen pals .for all the things that really annoy me about blogging It's outweighed by the lovely people and amazingly inspirating work I"ve found.

  5. i mean inspiring of course! and seeing as your asking the deep questions can you tell me
    why is there a wheel chair symbol beside the word verification box

  6. Devon, your response elicited such a sense of recognition. It's usually a bit of a fray here among the children, with no headspace, and blogging brings some creative peace. And you work too hard; time to slow down (but keep kicking).

    Jane, I hadn't thought of the good use of the messing round time, which is very true. The writing outlet works for me too.

    Speccy, of course, why read is an equally good question!

    Jaboopee, having pen pals is a lovely way to look at it! The wheelchair symbol is there by the verification box in case all your lamps are too heavy to carry and you need a trolley.

  7. Why do I blog ? Very good question Mise.
    I was looking for a picture of something and googled it and came across a blog called Marley and Lockyer. It had the most beautiful photographs of interiors. At the top of the page was 'Create Blog' and it all smowballed from there. Sometimes I think that mine is so shallow and wonder why I do it. I'm a pretty happy, together person so don't have any angst to share so I just do 'silly' posts really...but, I have met some brilliant and talented people (you being one of them) and I am so pleased that I did it...but you'll all have to put up with my daft posts e.g...Fairies !!!!
    Wish that you were my neighbour, Mise. I'd be coming round for a cuppa and a piece of that Guinness tea bread !!!!
    Regarding the colour pink....I don't do pink in any way, shape or form and, you can see that I have mostly used that dusky, old rose pink, which is the only shade that I like and can be beautiful and which I don't class as pink !!!!. XXXX

  8. Oh. Well, that's something my hubby wonders, I know, but hasn't yet asked. Now I'll be prepared.

    Through blogging, I've 'met' people all over the world who've become quite dear to me ~ sometimes because we share common passions, and other times just because we give each other a laugh. And I work from home, so blogging and commenting stops me from becoming insular. My biggest challenge is to keep it in check, as I can easily get lost for hours, only to find the birds have eaten the Guinness teabread crumb trail I left myself at the beginning and it takes a hellishly long time to find my way back out again.

  9. Someone "interviewed" me about this very topic a while back and then for whatever reason, she never posted it so I'll do a little cut and paste job of it here.

    I literally had hundreds (maybe thousands?) of beautiful images of interiors saved on my computer that were ideas for my home or just plain inspirational. I'm kind of an organization freak so when we made our last move, I really wanted to organize all of these images in some way and to use them to help me figure out how I wanted to decorate my new house.

    The thing that keeps me blogging is that I work from home so I spend a lot of time alone and blogging has provided me with one way to connect with the outside world. I could see myself turning into a hermit otherwise!

    This is officially the longest comment ever written.

  10. I can't phone up friends or talk to my husband about interior design for hours on end so get my 'fix' by blogging - I love it and it's getting better each month as the 'blogging community' grows and we get to know each other better. Plus it doesn't matter if you miss a day or two - your readers will come back and the blogs you visit will still be there - like loyal friends :-)

  11. I've always liked writing and putting together little newsletters and collages. Blogging is just the next step up from that. I also really, really enjoy checking in with everyone each day. There are so many people, all around the world, doing wonderful and creative things that I wouldn't get to see without blogs, which is always exciting to me.

  12. Hmm, I started it on the vague pretext it's an extension of my website - somewhere I can post up to date pictures of what I'm working on, let potential clients know I am a real person running a real business with actual jobs coming and going yadda yadda yadda. But then I go and get all kinda craftsy and folksy and homey and bloggy and it becomes something quite different and probably not very business-like at all.

    As for the reading of other people's blogs - well, it's inspiring and amusing and motivating and heartening and lots of other words ending in ing.

    And I like the penpal analogy...that sums it up to a tee. And eventually I might even go and visit all these exciting and funny and interesting people I've "met", in places I've always wanted to go to (or been to and want to go back).

    So get the kettle on luv, and cut another slice of that teabread it looks bloody lovely.

  13. I started blogging because I've been for a long time playing around with the idea of interior design - do I want to really pursue it? And if so, how? How do I channel this love and make it something that goes beyond my own head and home?

    Blogging was sort of like jumping into pool. With my clothes still on.

    I have days when I think this is all a bit too time-consuming, though... I find that I struggle with the amount of time it takes - away from my family and away from,

    But I too have been floored with the neighborliness and sheer kindness I have encountered. I read somewhere that blogging was a little bit like leaning over the fence and catching up with an old neighbor, visiting for a little while with a good friend... I find that to be very true and very comforting - especially as the mother of a young child.

    So that aspect of it has definitely kept me coming back. And as much noise as there is in this world of blogs, there is also an awful lot of talent - the type of talent that is incredibly kind and generous. I find that all to be very inspiring...

    So. A long comment. Sorry about that.


  14. Lovely post.

    Have always collected images that inspire and make my heart sing and my blog is an exact online version.

    Finding like-minded bloggers is only a bonus.

    Happy weekend.

  15. Such a great question! You know, I really fell in love with blogs when I was planning my wedding a couple years ago. I was so tired of hearing the same advice and stories from people I knew, and was craving a little variety. A different perspective. I literally stumbled upon someone's blog and it opened up a whole new world for me! Before then, I really didn't understand much about the "blogosphere."

    I found that because I have to write all day long at my 8-5 for other people, I was craving an outlet where I could be creative and follow my own rules. And, there were other things I was passionate about, like design. A blog ultimately seemed like the right way to go to explore those sides of myself. Truthfully, it took me a long time to find the courage though. I don't know why but there was something very daunting about putting myself out there. I am SO thrilled, however, that I did! It's given me such a wonderful chance not only to just talk away without any repercussions about things that inspire me, but to get to know great people who I can really relate to that I wouldn't have otherwise met. I so enjoy finding new blogs and getting a glimpse into other lives, voices, and tastes - it always feels like meeting a new friend. My husband laughs at me, but I always say if everyone had a blog, my single friends would find dating to be a whooooole lot easier!

    Happy weekend!

  16. Hi Mise
    Love all the responses you have had so far.

    Well why do I blog? To stop me working 90 hour ++ weeks! I always put 150% into my work and it can get challenging to say the least.. and becomes an expectation to never do less so you can imagine work has not been delighted with me these past 6 months haha. I've never been able to 'kick the work habit' nor 'let go' at the end of the working day until I started blogging.

    I'd been reading and lurking on blogs for a bit and thought it might be a good idea for my brother's business, so decided to create a blog just to show him how quick and easy it would be. Well.. i think he still doesn't have one and I am past my 100th post.

    It really took on a life of it's own and gave me an outlet to write [which I have never done before] and the be creative [which I haven't done since childhood]. It is also as Devon says.. somewhere to be and communicate when work [and other of life's requirements] make it too late to be anywhere else.

    I've been very lucky to meet some fabulous people of the non 'me too' and 'love those curtains' variety.. although have to say I've been guilty of those comments myself at times. [my father use to call me 'Little Me Too' haha]

    So to sum up.. what a wonderful world this blogging gig is.. I have to admire all the women out there that raise kids and find time to blog. I don't have any myself, which I am sure you've worked out by now by my lack of mentioning any.. haha [of course they could be just locked in the cupboard]

    As said above I've met some fabulous ppl this way.. and lucky for me .. you being one of them.. Look forward to getting to know you more through our blogs ..

    Have a great weekend.xx 'Little Me Too'..[alias Julie]

  17. OH MY
    that is my longest reply ever. sorry!! being a hog!

  18. ..and what about your answer to that question ..?

  19. Wow, what a great dialogue here! This is a very good and tough question. I suppose I blog because of the sense of community and friendship it gives me (my readers, commenters, blog friends mean more to me than they know!). Also because I like sending little creations in the form of posts out into the world and get a sense of accomplishment from it. And lastly, because it is helping me hone my design eye, which I hope to use for a career switch I'm masterminding :)

  20. Thought I'd give you my ha'penny's worth;
    I started to blog because my friends wanted to know how to cook good food cheaply and were always asking for recipes. I'd thought about blogging before that but was struck by a "no-one wants to read about me" sentiment. That quickly passed as my friends loved the blog and it became a little more personal and more of a journal from there.

    I love making new bloggy pals and comments are wonderful to read. x

    p.s. Guinness and chocolate?? My, I'm going to have to give this a go. Mmm mmm!

  21. Okay, firstly let me say how glad I am that you followed the unwritten rule and included a photo--it looks very tasty indeed!

    Why do I blog? Well, the reasons why I STARTED blogging are very different from the reasons why I KEEP blogging.

    The former: Martha Stewart wouldn't hire me. No really, I was tired of applying for magazine jobs with nary a nibble, so I decided to start my own.

    But the latter reason? Because it is my only creative outlet in my day-to-day slog of a boring office job with no hope of advancement. Because if I couldn't shop vicariously through my blog, I might shop for real--and that would be very detrimental to my relationship AND to my bank account! But most importantly, because I've made more friends in one year of blogging than I did my entire eight years of high school and university. Because I'm part of a community now with expectations and connections and warm fuzzies and kindred spirits, and I can't imagine my life without it.

    Phew! I don't usually get that profound. I think I'd better go look at photos of kittens now ;)

  22. Well, to be fair, I *do* love curtains...

    As for "why..." I've been thinking about this one quite a bit. Initially, I wasn't thinking "why" but rather "why not?" It was a whim.

    It's a good way for me to keep track of myself, the things I see, my plans for doing or making things. It's a very personal document of my life, and I think the public aspect of it is good for me - I am motivated by thinking that someone out there might read it, connect with what I'm up to. So much the better.

    But I'm really just doing it for myself, regardless of whether or not anyone reads or responds (although getting comments can be very gratifying!).

    That guinness cake looks tasty. It looks exactly like the much-maligned "holiday fruitcake" that we have in the states. I'm one of the only people I know who likes it.

  23. I started blogging as just someting to do, a way to keep my sanity in my then crazy world. You see my father was murdered by a serial killer 3 years ago, and last year and a few months ago - I lost my two friends to cancer. Just watching and being there everyday go thru the trials and tribulations of illness, was heartbreaking - but I wanted to be there for them as they had been there for me when I lost my dad. When i lost them both, I also lost a sense of myself - so I started reading blogs. I started my blog and then didn't post for several months, but as I was trying to pull myself out of the depths of despair - I started reading alot of blogs and they made my spirit soar and uplifted me immensely. At that point, I wanted to put some fun in my life, so I started blogging again and I absolutely adore reading blog after blog...I laugh, I cry, I learn, I'm inspired, I could go on and on....


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