Saturday, October 10, 2009

partially why

This isn't really a post, but rather a comment to add to yours. Thank you very much for your many insights into blogging, and in particular design/lifestyle blogging; I was struck by the time and trouble you took.
You blog as a social activity, and in particular because it's an easier one than most to fit into busy days. It gives you a way of interacting with a world outside your own, a world which, as Heather initially pointed out, is unusual in its courtesy and its sense of welcome and inclusion. If you work from home (as I sometimes do too), blogging provides comradeship and a wider arena of engagement.
You blog as a creative outlet, because you like words and images. Because it's a constructive use of idle time.
You blog because it's fun and escapist and makes you smile. Because it gives you the adult equivalent of pen-pals. Because it's undemanding, in the sense that you can post and comment or not as you wish, with no sense of obligation.
You blog because there was a 'Create Blog' button.
You blog as a way to organize information and images, or as an adjunct to a business. To have something other than work into which you can channel a sense of enthusiasm and a work-ethic.
I had such a sense of recognition as I read all your responses. I blog out of megalomania, of course, but also for the sense it gives of community and of an external world. The craft/creative element of the blogs I read gives me a connection with the time before I was a gadabout or had children when I put into practice the knitting, sewing, and other skills my mother took the trouble to teach me, and encourages me to apply those skills and to be more creative myself.
Because blogging is slightly less real than reality, it gives me a sense of order. When Blue Daughter eats Pink Daughter's To Do list and mayhem ensues, I can escape to Google Reader, where no one must Stop That Right Now Or Else.
And it gives me a more personal sense of the world. We all see the daily international headlines about natural disasters, political crises and human drama, but blogging creates for me a parallel and no less valid world where Australia is reupholstering a chair, America is expecting a baby any day now, and Canada has a lovely pair of shoes with velvet ribbons.


  1. I connected through another blog.

    This is very interesting reading although I blog for altogether different reasons.

    Read my blog and share your thoughts

    Best regards

  2. You've summed this up wonderfully Mise. Thanks for inviting us to share our thoughts. Have a great weekend. x Julie

  3. Oh, I love that last paragraph... I hadn't really thought of it in those terms, but I agree that it is valid. Huh.

    (And I just learned a new word: gadabout. So cool when that happens - thanks!)

    Have a great weekend,

  4. What a well written post. I think I blog as an escape from the all consuming responsibilities of raising children, to have a little piece of adulthood that is just me.

  5. That was great, Mise. It's good to find out why people blog and such varied reasons there were.
    I, too, loved your last paragraph. It certainly summed it up for me. XXXX

  6. I love this, it is making me think.....that is rare sometimes.

  7. Eloquently summarised, Mise ~ and I, too, love your closing thoughts. Nice one, m'dear!

  8. I stopped by from Bluebirds blog as I saw your gin and tonic comment and it made me smile....
    ...a long long time ago, I can still remember how that gin and tonic tastes with lime....

  9. I love this creative post are able to sum up my many thoughts on blogging! Thanks for leaving a wonderful comment on my blog...would love to share a gin and tonic with you someday! xoxoxxo Happy Monday...but now it is almost Tuesday in your lovely country!!!!

  10. i think we might be all in some way megalomanics!
    mise please don't wait till your 100...thats at least 75 years away....i might be dead by then!
    thanks for your comment as always, looking forward to your next topic .

  11. Hi Mise
    I love these last few posts of yours. I hope I'm not part of the 'I love those curtains' brigade, even though sometimes I do love the curtains. And I try not to make inane comments about curtains (most of the time!) But really it seems as though most of this lovely blogging community blog for similar reasons. I started my blog as part of my business, but now I blog because I love it. I can also hide behind my screen, meet some lovely people, and as you say, interact and keep in touch with the world on a more personal basis.

  12. I've always been jealous of Canada's shoes. America is barefoot and pregnant, as usual...

    A lot of these reasons match up with my own. That's neat!

  13. Very interesting post and I share alot of your thoughts on blogging....It makes the world a little smaller and for all of our differences, we are all so much alike!


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