Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mary Grant

Soft jersey, lace and floaty layers. A fitted swing and a flounce. How perfectly Mary Grant's designs lend themselves to an artistic and mildly eccentric image.

(images from

I'd like all of these outfits, but most particularly that white dress and wrap with its charming sleeves. I can think of no more delightful way to mask my non-artistry and conventionality.


  1. I'm in love with the outfit in the middle. Slightly gothy but super stylish!

  2. It really does give off a slightly eccentric vibe. I really love the white one! They are like 3 different styles.

    I can just picture wearing the white one while I'm in New Zealand perusing the crafts down by the beach....

  3. Yes I agree that they are clothes an artist might wear. For you, the clothes would maketh the person, so you would indeed be an artist. I find with all those layers I sometimes feel swamped and I guess that is why you often see that style on a larger lady (did I just say that!! You know what I mean). I personally really like that kind of clothing on 70 year old. Much better than a shell suit or tweed pants.

  4. I like the one on the right - kind of dreamy and naughty, all at once.


    ps: you? conventional?? HA!

  5. Love these...I could wear any of them! What good taste you have!

  6. I haven't even met you and already I can tell these would look great on you and fit your personality!

    Have a great day, xo Crystal

  7. Oh, you can't beat a fitted swing and a flounce, Mise !!!! I really do love these. I'd like the white one in black....I'm going over to have a look, although I need more clothes like I need a hole in the head. XXXX

  8. You have a great eye, Mise! {Two, even, setting aside the spectacles and contact lenses...} Very feminine looks ~ I especially love the one on the right ~ pretty dress, drapey ultra sheer long cardi. Lovely.

  9. "to reveal or to conceal , that is the question ? "
    elaine shakespeare prunty 2009

  10. Mmm... these look so entirely comfortable.

  11. HI Mise, thankyou for listing my blog on ticking stripe. I am happy to have discovered your blog too.

  12. Hi Mise
    I've been out of blogging action this week.. so probably missed a few posts..

    These dresses are lovely...I think I need to go excercise.. haha These would of been just my thing a few years back..pre my extra few pounds..

    Have a great week xx Julie

  13. I like the one in the middle the best too. I must be very out of touch with Irish fashion, I haven't heard of Mary Grant. Lovely stuff.


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