Tuesday, October 6, 2009

books on show

First I saw this image from Sköna hem via Desire to Inspire, and I thought, "hmmm, those shelves look good."

Then I read Jane's piece on the natural segregation of books at My Pear Tree House, and as I looked at her attractive images my competitive streak surfaced and I thought, "hmmm, I should raise my game and display all our books nicely too."

[Aside 1: I like to preface my thoughts with "hmmm" because it sounds like the wind in the trees.]
[Aside 2: Jane's blog is thoughtful and well-written; do settle down with a tea and read some more of it.]

So how about a front-facing display of children's books for the playroom?

I had a go with a few books to see how it would look and was pleased with the effect. All these diligent illustrators, I thought, were finally getting some recognition, and visitors would think that the children must be quite literate.

[Aside 3: I don't bother with the "hmmm" when the thinking is mid-sentence.]

And then, halfway through taking a photograph, a little hand crept furtively up to retrieve a book and another benefit became clear: they are now much more accessible and tempting.


  1. Hey Mise thanks for the kind comments. I do like your Frontal Book Display, I guess we would all do that if we had enough room. And OMG you have books in Gaelic. Wonderful. I have heard Gaelic is as hard as Finnish and Thai to learn. Is that true?

  2. I put Gaelic right up there in the very difficult to learn category, along with Welsh (proper name escapes me at the moment).
    Back to that sweet book display - love that teensy hand!

  3. That is such a great idea, Mise, and don't they look good. I just love the little hand reaching out for their favourite book. That was well timed. Are you sure that you didn't set that one up !!!! Tehe. XXXX

  4. oh that tiny hand is just killing me.

    I'd like to arrange all our kids books like that, but then I'd also have to arrange them in height order so the little ones didn't get lost at the back...I think i'll stick to the "strewn over the bedroom floor" look.

  5. Good thinking - this is perfect for a playroom!

  6. What a good idea - beautifully illustrated books should be displayed. Having visitors think highly of the children is an added bonus. Love that tiny hand in the photo. :)

  7. Oh, you're a delight, Mise! Such book covers are artworks in themselves and it's so lovely to see the work of talented illustrators displayed this way.

  8. I must ask, did the kids pull down the books and toss them around the house and then refuse to put them away, hence ruining the grand design? ;)

    Love the book display. It's gorgeous.

  9. I think I should try this as well... our children don´t read as much as I would like them to do! :)
    Here in the Dutch-speaking countries that little Eric Hill-dog is called ´Dribbel´; is this an Irish version you got?
    Happy day to you!
    Best regards, Marjolijn

  10. Jane: here along the western coast it's an Irish-speaking area so we never had to learn it. Scottish Husband speaks English to the girls, I speak Irish, and that works out well.

    Devon, how perceptive! Strewn is normal here too, just like Flora May, but I'm the whirlwind family tidier.

    Marjolijn, I didn't know there was a Dutch version! I may have to start a collection.

  11. HI Mise
    What a lovely post.. and funny..

    hmmmm... I have to say I like the little hand reaching up most!! very sweet and great timing!

    Books are such a wonderful world for children to discover and displaying them like this is both enticing and like you say.. bragging hehehe

    PS I agree Jane's post are a great read. Have a fab week x Julie

  12. This was very funny to read - what a treat! You've made me laugh a little on this rainy, humid morning where I am. Thank you.

    I think that darling little hand made the photo even better... Love it all.


  13. that teeny tiny hand is just so cute ..

  14. The little hand is brilliant! That made me laugh so much ;D

  15. The display looks great! I remember in my elementary school library the librarian would always have a couple of front-facing books on display and those were always the ones everyone wanted to grab and read -especially if the cover had a lot of color!

  16. I love looking at displays of books, espec when you don't have to seem checky and tilt your head to see the book titles.

    But it just makes so much sense....as your favourite books always seem to have nice covers.

    Love your display and the little hand reaching up to grab a book!!

    Fee x


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