Wednesday, September 16, 2009

waltzing lampshades

I'm not a fan of the clutter and fakery of the shabby chic look, and nor, you mutter, are you, but don't run away yet. Just look at these lampshades from Rachel Ashwell (which I spotted over at Dwellings and D├ęcor), hooking up their skirts ready for the waltz, like Laura's Ma in 'Little House in the Big Woods'.

How's that for simplicity and jauntiness? You can just imagine how effective they would look lined up in vibrant colours in a more contemporary setting. But I'd settle for the whites and pastels if they were available online, and fall asleep feeling as though I were at an old-fashioned ball.


  1. One of my compulsive collecting items is discarded lampshades and lamp bases .One day , i too, will turn them into shabby chic couture.
    Got to go.....lots of people waiting ;0)

  2. I'm fond of a bit of shabby chic as long as it's genuinely shabby. Shabby shabby shabby. That's one of those words that becomes increasingly odd looking the longer you stare at it! But I digress...

    Those lampshades are fetching!

  3. Shell Sheree, I agree! I'm all for shabby chic if it's a genuine thrift vintage effect (with not too many lavender sachets, mind you). It's the ready-made pre-shabbified stuff that I find winds me up.

  4. And Elaine, if you're planning to create anything else as imaginative as your crochet lamp from all those lamp bits, I'm dying to see it.

  5. Just found your blog and find it lovely. I'll be following it, ok?!
    Have a sweet day,
    Rosa from Portugal

  6. I find those lamp shades truly original and fun. Cute find.

    Am impressed that Shabby Chic is re-opening. Think it must have taken a good amount of work to get through bankruptcy proceedings and re-establish independence. Good on ya Ms. Ashwell!

  7. Where were these happy little lady shades when I was 8? I would have been in heaven. Looking at them now, I'd want them to be dangling en masse in a cute setting, so I could shoot them!

  8. Being an enourmous little house on the prairie fan, I would shamefully be trying to squish my body into one of these...just so I could feel a belle and perhaps be called 'fetching'

  9. The formulated shabby chic look can be quite too much for me at times, but I do love these lampshades.

  10. Jaunty indeed:) Love them!
    P.S. thanks for checking out my blog.

  11. Love the shabby chic look! Just so bright, cheery and cozy looking, those shades are super cute!


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