Tuesday, September 29, 2009

stripes and roses: a high street grab

What's wrong with high street fashion this season? The colours are too brash, the music too loud, the racks of clothes too close together, the fashions too disposable. The fitting rooms are too near the back of the shop, and the shop assistants are too busy with Facebook on their mobile phones to help me.

OK, you're right, it's me. I'm getting old. I like to have peace when I shop, and room for my imaginary bevy of security guards and bag-carriers to follow me around without crashing into the eighties revival.

But I'm going to dash out for these lovely tights from Topshop. Worn with a short dark wool skirt, calf-length biker boots and a short belted coat, they might help me masquerade as a Bright Young Thing, just like you.


  1. You calling me a bright young thing? OH you mean the person behind me! haha.. well i say do what makes your feel happy. Like the stripes! x Julie

  2. I don't understand kids these days, but I those stripes are great! Pick up a pair for me!

  3. I'm afraid that I am becoming a Grumpy Old Woman.
    I find myself moaning about everything nowdays !!!
    Love Topshop and love the leggings and footless tights.Just had a parcel delivered from topshop this morning !!
    It's lovely to talk to someone who talks about shops that I know !!!!

  4. You are a bright young thing, Mise! Perhaps I'm showing my age when I say I'm a bit worried about the male versions of such things - mantihose and so on. {Is life not confusing enough?}

  5. Oh, boo! You're not getting old at all! It sounds like you are describing an H&M store. They might have cute things every now and then, but I'll never know because I just can't handle the shopping experience!

  6. We don't have topshop here in Vancouver. This "bright young thing" will have to settle with H&M.
    Those tights are adorable, so you should go immediately and pick them up.
    Speaking of biker boots, I tried to "win" a pair on ebay - was beaten by a very eager and aggressive ebayer!

  7. Hello ´Mise´ (I wonder if that´s your name),
    thank you very much for your visit! I´m pleased to meet you and to discover your inspiring pages here. Inspiration is all I need... :D
    I´ll be back, best regards,

  8. hi mise thank you for your comment. i do get grumpy people in my shop but i don't register them. i love your blog and those fab socks talk soon d

  9. I hear what you're saying but I love those striped tights! My clothes are always so minimal and I'm awful at accessorizing... these would be great for me. I'm more of an old timer when it comes to music and movies and tv shows. Kids have a world of music at their finger tips and they listen to disney channel? Kidz Bop? That's truly sick.

  10. I adore these and think that they would be Fun to wear. Your writing is lovely my friend. We do not have Topshop in Canada..at least not in Vancouver!Boo Hoo! Thanks for you lovely comments you left on my blog...all the way from across the ocean...I love this modern age of computers and blogs!

  11. I think you must be a bright young thing!! I love the stripey tights, but fear that my legs will take on an even greater resemblance to tree trunks.
    Thanks for introducing me to your blog! It's great!

  12. i'm so amazed that its still not quite tight weather yet..and its october tomorrow!

    ps i like to tipple occasionally //[{ hiccup.{[)]] !;0)

  13. My bright young thing days are over, but I love these tights and I love me some biker boots. Sigh. Maybe it's my mid-life crisis! xoxo

  14. Hi Mise, thanks for coming to visit me. I'm sorry it has taken me a while to return the favour but you know kids back to school, blah, blah, blah.

    Ah yes the printed tight. These were very popular in Australia in the early nineties however if I endeavoured to squeeze my less than dainty hoof into one of them these days I fear a delicate rose bud may turn into a deranged hydrangea.

    And ‘no’ you are not old, the music is too loud and those young whipper snappers need to learn a thing or two about customer service. In my day………..


  15. Great post and writing! I love it! Everyone should have at least one funky pair of tights, no? ;)


  16. Bright young thing? Topshop? I used to shop there when I was a teenager skiving games class... now I really feel old!!! I'm one of the "all black" crowd with a dash of colour thrown in - those tights are fab, with big biker boots only.

  17. Me again, just read the last bit of my message and thought it sounded as if I intended to walk around wearing nothing but a pair of biker boots and stripey tights... not a pretty sight after breastfeeding three kids!!!

  18. Oh, I just love that floral pair. They would be so much fun to wear.


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