Saturday, September 26, 2009

nasturtiums on a cake & this & that

Tempted by the recipe at Some Say Cocoa, Some Say Cacao, I had a go at making Chocolate Guinness cake today.

I'm not of a disposition to sift or gradually add anything except in the case of particularly delicate recipes, so I did some brute force baking and topped it off with nasturtiums, that traditional accompaniment to Guinness. The problem now is that it doesn't seem right to slice it until the visitors arrive.

And in my sporadic look at what else is out there:

The new Toast video, spotted at Ill Seen, Ill Said, could almost be the film of an Elizabeth Bowen book. This is the landscape of where I live: the lanes, the clear grey and soft blue of autumn and winter, the inadequate central heating, the stone walls and the sea. And, of course, we are equally well dressed and on trend (she said, having proudly come home from town with a new grey lacy cardigan). But by God we will not wear those shoes.

Shell Sherree has opened an etsy shop of her charming drawings, whose lightness of touch and soft colours caught my eye even before I saw the Campari bottle.

Every fancy interiors shop displays oversized Frenchified kitchen clocks, but I'm not having them. A large and simple sticker clock from Not on the High Street, featured at Kickcan & Conkers, would be a lovely alternative.


  1. Yum. Chocolate guinness cake is delicious. Guinness is good for you too! Well done Mise!

  2. Do you think you could send me a piece from Ireland to Chicago? ;)

    Btw, I'll be announcing a giveaway on Monday that I'm sure you'll love - so be sure to stop by!


  3. mmm that looks delicious! i've never heard of chocolate guinness cake before but it looks pretty nice :) i love the nasturtiums on top, the colour is great with the chocolate!

  4. I agree guinness is good for you. So is chocolate for that matter so its practically a health food. And I am just about to plant some nasturtiums because I alwasy wanted to pick a flower from my garden and nonchalently pop it in my mouth!

  5. Chocolate Guinness cake? What a revelation ~ and the nasturtiums suit it a treat!

    You are most kind to give me and my etsy a mention ~ thanks so much, Mise! {That Toast video is hauntingly beautiful but I can't imagine you in those shoes either.}

    Have a gorgeous rest-of-the-weekend!

  6. I love your nasturtium cake. It looks beautiful and has inspired me to do some research into edible flowers! (Otherwise - knowing me - I'd poison my guests).

  7. Is it terribly delicious?? Looks it. I never sift or gradually add either. I made a cake tonight too. It said to gently fold - ha! as if.

  8. Post-slicing update: this was a great cake - dark and rich but not too sweet. I had thought children might not eat it because of the Guinness but they came back for more.

    Heather, I interpret 'gently fold' as 'use lowest setting on mixer'. I bet your cake showed no signs of lack of folding.

  9. Me again - I've just passed you a little award:


  10. Chocolate guinness cake? That's a new one for me... Thanks for the mention :)

  11. Twoot-twoo, nice cake! I love the flowers on it too, such a color contrast. Are they tasty??

  12. That looks delicious! I had nasturtiums in my garden this year, but could not for the life of me remember their name. I do love them though.

  13. MAn i want to make this for my guiness loving husband for his birthday but neither recipe is converted enough for my niny-brained american self. :(


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