Thursday, August 13, 2009

to market, to market

Since Beatrice, the imaginary assistant, decided that supermarket trollies were not doing her nerves any good, we've been living on mature Gouda and walnut bread from the local market.

Well, ok, lemon curd and brownies too. Indeed, so assimilated am I into all the lifestyle trends delightfully presented by magazines and fellow bloggers that there will soon come the day when I exhibit with a considerable flourish my own crocheted blanket. 

But not yet.  There are another 6 or so self-improvement books to get through first. 


  1. You are only three steps away from starting a career as a designer or a food stylist. Because, isn't that what happens to us blogger folks?

    We are dining only on grilled ciabatta with olive oil and tapenades. Who knew there would come a day where I would eat so European-like due to the influence of all these blog posts? Now I just need to pop out this baby so I can get back to the vino.

  2. very funny, i look forward to seeing that blanket

  3. Love your sense of humour re crocheted blankets. I feel I will be a failure if I don't learn how to do patchwork this year - even if it is only a Kirsty McAllopp type of attempt.

    Thanks for the recommendation of the book too and I agree, the floors can wait :-)

  4. Now that's my kind of meal! When all creativity fails me, I head to the store and by some bread, cheese, prosciutto, and avocados! And somehow the simplest meals tend to be the best!

    Happy Friday!

  5. Mmmmm, that looks truly delicious. I love simple meals and never go for anything extravagant.

  6. Welcome back, Lorna; I hope Salisbury was good to you! Patchwork: something else for me to conquer, but what a good way of emptying the neglected fabric drawer.

  7. Is there anything more heavenly than lemon curd? It is a recent discovery of mine and I can't get enough. What a beautiful image of your ingredients!!


You're looking particularly well.

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