Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I had expected to spend August swanning around in pretty vintage dresses, but no. The rain makes me inclined to stomp, so maybe it's time to look forward to autumn and buy some new boots (Oxygen Volga boots, from Raw Shoes).

No spiked heels. Tick. A good stomping height? Tick. Not over-adorned. Tick. But is another pair of black boots a bit boring? Hmmm.


  1. Nice find Mise, in fact I think these would go nicely with the vintage dresses and you can swamp (see what I did there) around in both.

  2. Bravo, Paula, I like 'swamp'. Perhaps I'll look for them in green to go with the dresses.

  3. As the owner of at least a dozen pair of black boots (I suspect it's actually more but I'm afraid to do a count), I'm the wrong person to ask! These are fabulous and if I saw them in a store, I would in all likelihood, make them pair #13.


You're looking particularly well.

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