Sunday, August 30, 2009

she flies with her own wings

I rather fancy some of these USA state mottoes, charmingly done in a naive style by Emily Wick of Two Eyeballs Galleries.
I'm thinking maybe the elliptical 'Thus always to tyrants' (Virginia) for the front porch, just to set the scene for visitors.

'By and By' (Washington) would be perfect for hanging above my stack of unanswered correspondence.

'She flies with her own wings' (Oregon) is certainly a candidate, even though there's a touch of Robbie Williams about it. I think I'd hang that over the bath and dwell upon it when I got tired of reading the label on the lavender bath essence.

And here's the full set - you can buy them individually or as one print here. It makes me ashamed to be a citizen of lame old Ireland, which as far as I know has NO OFFICIAL MOTTO, intriguing, inspiring, or even plain and dull (set me straight here, dear reader, if you can).

Doesn't 'Let it be Perpetual' (Idaho) have a fine ring to it? Could we borrow it? It would so dignify our organic cotton shopping bags.

(All images from Two Eyeballs Galleries)


  1. I don't think there is an official motto , as a suggestion for one maybe " that'll do" or maybe
    " no can do missus" .....i'll get my thinking cap on that one.

  2. As a feminist from way back I like the 'she flies with her own wings' (as opposed to someone else's). Don't be sad about Ireland - Australia has no official motto either, although if it did it would be 'She'll be right Mate' which I see is scarily similar to Jaboopee's suggestion!

  3. These are really cute :] I'm not so fond of Arizona's (my current state) but Kansas (my home state) has a pretty great one :] "To the stars through difficulties" :]

  4. Poor Tennessee, I think they got gypped - "Agriculture and Commerce". These are really great though.

  5. Yes, but let us not forget that you guys have amazing beer. We only try to mimic what is good about the beer coming from Ireland.

    Perhaps a beer slogan could operate as your official motto? It would certainly seem jolly. ;)

  6. These are fantastic! It got me thinking about whether we've got a slogan over here in Blighty...

    I'd like to think it's still 'Keep Calm and Carry On', but to be honest I think it's more like a combination of 'whatchoo lookin' at innit?' and 'who ate all the pies...'

  7. how about...." say nothing till you hear more"

  8. I like your motto suggestions! That last one has a fine air of mystery, Elaine. Not sure about the ubiquitous 'Keep Calm and Carry On', Serena; a bit too Churchillian for me, but perfect beside my Charles and Diana tea towel.

  9. I love those -- so creative and bold! I'm from Maryland, and our lovely motto is "Manly deeds, womanly words" :) I think ladies can certainly do plenty of deeds, too, but I like it overall!

    Is it bad that in my office in America, I have a huge print of "Keep Calm And Carry On" hanging up?! I'm a total Anglophile :)

  10. Hi Meg, yours is a good one! I guess it means something like Courage & Courtesy? But it's more subtle and open to interpretation, which is perfect for a motto.

  11. These are great!! Thanks for sharing


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