Saturday, August 15, 2009

the right sort of stripes

Clutching on to summer, I'm looking around for fresh, pretty stripes. How about these, from Runaway Coast?

The uniformity of the stripes combines these colours so effectively against the white background.

When I saw the giant floor cushion, my first thought was that I could make my own by filling a lovely duvet cover with all my possessions. Then I remembered that I'm respectable nowadays, and own furniture and life insurance and cacti. So I had to scrap that idea.

Then there's this similar effect from Cabbages and Roses. It's a sun-weathered look, the interiors equivalent of clothes drying on the line on a warm and breezy summer's day.

I came across both of these online shops via Green and Pretty, a recent blog discovery, where Courtney has a good eye for the chalky, timeless look, as well as a laudable yen for a doily rug.


  1. I love fat stripes, but I think I prefer the colours to be a touch bolder (read 'less sophisticated'!) - like this deep blue against white against dark brown:

    Needless to say I doubt I'll ever be in the position to buy that chair (or indeed own a conservatory to put it in)...

  2. Oh those stripes....Just beautiful!! x

  3. That's a good find, Serena, such lovely fluid lines and classy stripes! But yes, the price...

  4. There really is nothing I love more than stripes. Whenever I'm shopping, I find myself gravitating toward anything that's striped. I have to stop myself before filling my entire house with them(!)

  5. Thanks for the link! You always have such a great sense of humor...I need to visit you more often.


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