Wednesday, August 26, 2009

oh yes, i'm the great moderator

Sometimes, when I leave a comment on other lovely blogs, a message appears telling me that my comment is awaiting moderation. You can imagine how this worries me. Was I immoderate in remarking that their new hatstand is 'very nice indeed'? Would a mere 'nice' have been more acceptable?

So I look at the blog settings on Pretty Far West, to ensure that you, Dear Reader, are getting the full benefit of Blogger's technical flexibility. And I see something like this:

Blogger never thought to add a pink border, so I stepped in and sorted that out. But which one to choose? You're all so sweet and polite that I don't see why I need to moderate anything, but for the hell of it I go for option two. If in doubt, opt for a moderate amount of moderation.

But you came here today to read about bathrooms, right? I'll be back later with those.


  1. I always moderate because I like to read everyone's comments (and respond, when required) and if they automatically go live, I might not notice them all.

  2. I don't moderate comments on my blog (don't abuse my lax regulation, readers!) but I've set things up so that I get emailed every time someone comments.

    That way I don't miss any of them... a happy if lazy compromise?

    (Cue: torrent of abusive comments :))

  3. I moderate because I like the POWER.

    Actually it's just because I get few enough comments to be able to check them, and I have had the odd spammy one.

  4. Tara, I like your style!

    Serena, that's my lazy compromise too, and I'm on the way to your blog now for one of my usual apoplectic rants.

    And Jane, you're right, of course, and it's always lovely when a blogger takes the time to respond to a thoughtful comment.

  5. I don't know what you are talking about, as I'm new to this, but your moderator blurb really made me laugh. I think you and I would get on splendidly if we didn't live so very far apart.


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