Monday, August 3, 2009

no more elixirs of youth please

Imaginary magazine editors the world over like to start their day with a quick look at Pretty Far West to see what's what. Sirs, Madams, here's what's what: lovely fabric samples.

I steal away to a quiet corner with The Gloss or Image or some such magazine every once in a while.  And what I don't want to find is free samples of face cream, even with compelling assertions that 17 out of the 20 women on whom they were tested found it made them look a bit younger. 

What I'd like is some fabric samples. Samples from dresses and duvet covers, coats and curtains, skirts and sofas. 

A lot of my shopping is on the internet, you see, as I live on the edge of my page in the atlas, but choosing fabric goods online lacks the tactile element. So if you provide the samples, I'll notice your magazine AND I might buy the products advertised.  

But there's no way I'll buy the face cream; I'd only feel foolish and exploited and that I was letting down the 3 out of 20 women who had stood their ground and said, "no, this facecream makes me feel much older."


  1. Must not look at fabric too small for another epic stash of stuff for making stuff....

    Lovely colours!

  2. What a brilliant idea. You should talk to someone about this. Really. "The edge of my page in the atlas" - I love it! I bet it's a lovely part of the world too.

  3. Absolutely! Even requesting wallpaper and fabric samples can be such a hassle... As if you can get a real sense of the scale of pattern or the texture without having it there in your hands.

    As for the edge of your page of the atlas... I've been missing that part of the world a lot lately and thinking I want to move a to the edge of my page of the atlas too! Fabric swatches don't compete with those views!

  4. I'm firmly in the 3 out of 20 category and my not so firm face tells me so. Oh how I would love free samples that are actually of use to me for a change, where do I sign Mise?

  5. I'll drink to that! The worst is when they make the woman scowl in her 'before' photo.

    And you win the prize for spotting Maya and Toni on that wall! I agree that it's much preferable to empty exhortations like 'eat' 'sleep' and 'bathe'. if you need instructions on how to operate your bedroom, it doesn't matter how fab your decor is!

  6. My favorite, stealing away with a good magazine and some pretty fabric samples. Though, rare is such an occasion at my house.


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