Thursday, August 20, 2009

kitchen chair

I'm captivated by this kitchen chair image, by photographer Max Attenborough (lots of other lovely photos there) via Desire to Inspire.

I tried to have a closer look at it to see how it was done, but the eye was inevitably drawn to the tea and chocolate biscuits.

But, thanks to dear Google, here's how to do it, from Queens of Vintage. Could I have a go at this myself at night when the rowdies are asleep? Would mine look less snazzy and would the glue stick to my hair? Would Beatrice laugh at me?


  1. beatrice might laugh but you can put it on the other side of her face when you show her your beautifully restored chair...great link there, must explore more,think i'd like to do that too....
    also, the blanket is gorgeous, is there fights about whose bed it gets to stay on

  2. I wouldn't attempt something like this. I would end up with glue everywhere and worse. I'm not very handy that way. But the tea and biscuits - I can do that.

  3. I think your chair would look just as snazzy! And oh my goodness, I have a sudden craving for tea and biscuits now...

  4. I would probably ruin it, but I do love the way it turned out.

    I'll take the tea and chocolate though, please :)

  5. What a beautiful chair, for once I didn't notice the chocolate biccies! You should have a go, I bet you'll be very pleased with the results. Thanks for your comments about the Emporium.

  6. Ooh lovely idea... I know I would get glue in my hair doing it!

  7. Hello, thanks for the tip-off that this was on the Desire to Inspire blog, very exciting! I've just posted a few more pics from this shoot on my Craft Hacker blog if you're interested. If you stick to an easy-to-mould fabric like silk, and an item with a non-too-tricky shape, it's relatively easy to do, just takes a bit of time to cajole all the fabric into place! I spent a couple of evenings on it and think it's well worth the effort as it's soooo much nicer than the orange pine!

  8. Thanks very much to Craft Hacker for the helpful tips and posting more pics - I'm just off to take a look...

  9. How very inspiring, indeed! I adore that chair. I would love an entire decoupaged kitchen table and chairs set. Now that's fabulous.


  10. Lovely chair. Thanks for doing all the leg work to find out how it was done.


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