Wednesday, August 19, 2009

honest to goodness member of the crochet blanket club

No, I wasn't joking about the crochet blanket; I really do own one.  I'm ever so proud of it. In fact, I see design blogs swopping merit awards among themselves when they're not busy with giveaways* and I consider initiating the 'crochet blanket award' for the most dedicated chroniclers of craft. I guess all I have to do is make a fetching little gif, easy peasy.

But, to be honest, I didn't make this blanket myself. I don't have the patience. My mother made it in my favoured pink and green colour combination, and it's the best blanket in the world, and guarantees a good sleep when thrown over a duvet on a cold winter's night.

*Giveaways are like a lottery: you leave a comment and then the blog owner selects you at random as the winner of a set of handmade notelets depicting baby owls.  I hope and pray I'll win one soon.


  1. Love the crochet blanket. I have no patience, which is why I have a half sewn quilt in my closet.

    I always wonder about give-aways. Could I truly giveaway such a cool product or would I want to keep it for myself? It would be a serious dilemma.

  2. Your blanket is gorgeous! I now want one.

    It's really a bit hot here to be needing one at the moment...

    But by the time I learn how to crochet - and then actually make the thing - it probably won't be ready until 2016 anyway :)

  3. Hot, Serena, don't talk to me about hot! It's darkest winter here in the west of Ireland, where we're skulking about under hulking grey satellite maps.

  4. Your blanket is lovely and your definition of a giveaway had me almost spitting out my morning coffee (as you often do).

  5. Heh heh, was just about to post something hilariously sarcastic about giveaways, til I remembered I did one recently (it wasn't actually an owl, but not far off...)

    I'm in the hat for a teatowel at Orange You Lucky at the moment....

  6. Love i!

    I did actually crochet a blanket for my nan when I was about 13, and got it back when she died, - unfortunately I must have been using up unused wool in some rather questionable colours (or at least that's my excuse) or I didn't have any taste back then but it is somewhat garish.
    Haven't picked up a crochet hook since!


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