Friday, August 21, 2009

dresses on the wall

This summer's rain never gave my daughters' dresses a decent innings. They'll be outgrown by next summer, so I thought I could display one beautiful little dress in their bedroom, and that led me to consider dresses as art and in art.

I initially discovered the Toronto-based artist Holly Farrell for her skilful and nostalgic paintings of books, but she also paints children's clothes (and sofas, for the interiors enthusiasts).

And then there's the wonderful Karen Hollingsworth in Atlanta, whom I've featured before and whose still life clothes paintings I covet.

And a recent discovery via Her Little Place, Deborah Bowness' dress wallpaper.

So I'd like all of those, please, AND I'd like an oldfashioned gilt frame of a suitable size and depth for a two year old's little white broderie anglaise frock. Do you think you could organise all that for me by Tuesday?


  1. the karen hillingsworth paintings are so lovely and fresh.. and I have to say, if I ever see a dress that looks so pretty, I'm buying it straight away so let me know if you see it some place! I love the drop waist and layered ruffles, although am aware I should be admiring the painting more than the dress ;)
    h xx

  2. why wait till tuesday?
    wheres beatrice when you need her?
    i love your idea of framing the dress.

  3. Yes frame the dress. Great idea. Or give it to charity. Or obsessively keep it as I do with many of my daughter's dresses. Great paintings. Very hard to get that lightness and ruffle just right.

  4. Those paintings are beauties! I love your idea ~ I hope a frame materialises for you like magic.

  5. I don't think clothes as decor ever tire. I'm thinking of starching into permanence one of Juniorette's frocks, so it will be a piece of sculpture to hang from the ceiling. And by the way, the black boots are a definite yes. a classic black motorcycle boot is as tiresome as a Butler's irish chocolate with a cup of excellent coffee.

  6. casapinka, what a superduper idea of yours to starch a little frock to hand it from the ceiling. Please post photos when you get around to having a go! I've never starched anything (though shouldn't admit to it); I must look up the technique.

  7. Ooh, I covet the Hollingsworth ones too - gorgeous aren't they? I think they make very good bedroom paintings. I've an old picture of me as a baby lying on a white, pink and blue crochet blanket. I saw the very same one at my Ma's on the dog's bed - tatty and faded and it dawned on me that I should frame it or hang it or something... Great minds think alike eh? x

  8. Lovely paintings. I have two of my daughter's dresses in a frame above her bed, they add so much to the overall feel of her room. The only problem is she's often trying to get them out and try on..

  9. Such lovely art... Beautiful choice! x

  10. These are really neat..., and dresses and clothing do tell a story. I've seen "real" ones being used too, which I also like.


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