Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Avoca legs this autumn

Here are some tasters from the Bohemia Life and Eden Rose boutiques of Avoca's Anthology collection.

If you haven't encountered the lovely Avoca label yet, they excel at the 'arty girl goes to a wedding' look: layers of underskirts, retro cardigans and ballet wraps, and quirkily elegant coats in patterned fabrics, adorned with just the right level of lace and ribbons to be delicate but not fussy.

Bless them, they have a branch in remote Letterfrack, a short and scenic drive through the mountains from here, so I can effortlessly be Helena Bonham Carter at our local meetings of the Flat Earth Society. It looks as though you'll know me this autumn by my coloured legs.


  1. Oh how I miss Avoca. At least I have some of their blankets to keep me warm in Canada!

  2. I'll leave the coloured tights for you, Mise - not quite game enough myself. :) But that's a gorgeous coat. And I'm very taken with the town name 'Letterfrack'! {PS: thanks for saying Hi!}

  3. You should totally rock the tights. The Americans are going nuts over here with the Kate Spade color tights.

    Do tell...what is the Flat Earth Society?

  4. your comment was very funny today, i think you might be best placed there in galway to find the con&maura baby

  5. In response to your lovely comment on my blog - I write for quite a few clients (just google 'Serena Cowdy' and you'll see what I mean :).

    One of my main ones is a personal finance website called www.lovemoney.com - designed as easy-to-understand (without being too dumbed down) personal finance stuff.

    Next step is to break into my particular area of interest: wildlife/animal welfare journalism...

  6. Ooh I've never heard of Avoca... I love coloured tights so looks like they're right up my street!


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