Thursday, July 9, 2009

What's Your Style?

Alek of From the Right Bank to the Left Coast has issued a 'What's your style in one picture?' challenge, so I thought I'd have a rummage for a suitable candidate photo.

It wasn't easy - as I browsed I found myself becoming more critical, dismissing a room here because of overuse of plastic, there because of murderous touches of purple.

But in the end, this one from David Giles Photography (well worth a look for lovely interior shots) looked like a good bet to me.

And what do I like about it? The painted wood furniture, the use of white as background, the bright touches of colour, and in particular the informality. It adds up to a fresh and pretty functional look that I admire.

And I have a certain allegiance to it because of that focal powder blue range. When we were buying our yellow range, the owner of the shop was told of our request and rushed out especially to tell us that we wouldn't be wanting yellow; we'd be wanting green or black. But we insisted. It turned out to be a darker yellow than the sample, but there it is now and I'd miss its brazen presence if it were to go.


  1. Hi, Mise! Thanks for participating in the challenge. This is such a cute kitchen. In fact, I'm looking for a place in the country and envision one with a kitchen a lot like this. I always admired people who can display things so beautifully. It looks lived in without being messy and I just love that. I've been coveting those stoves for a while too - and you have a yellow one?! So jealous! I adore yellow. Thanks again for playing!

  2. I love this! I'm a huge fan of AGAs - we always had one at home and am so glad you got a yellow range! Such fun!

  3. Oh my goodness. I LOVE this photo. I am so in love with farmhouse decor!!

  4. Love this kitchen too - I love things being handy to hand yet looks an 'orderly chaos' if you know what I mean and adore the Aga. Do show us a picture of your yellow one.

    Still can't get camera to download photos (now I'll have to tidy kitchen again!!) but think I'll be getting a new camera first :-(

  5. Love this photo..! It's a great one. And you are the happy owner of a yellow one? (I peeked - loved it!) Brave woman, you are! That's awesome. Lovely place you have here...


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