Thursday, July 2, 2009

a struggle with blue

I struggle with blue - so difficult to use in interior design without going for the nautical look, the beach-house look, the Habitat oppressive look, or the Laura Ashley imitation French look. But I've found an interior that may be my salvation, from Marie Claire Maison via the amusing and artful The City Sage blog.

So I've been trying to identify the elements that endear this room so much to me, and here's what I have to aim for:

  • a careful and diverse balance of warm bright colours

  • a high ceiling (this is difficult; half of my house is an old cottage)

  • plenty of floor space

  • and, crucially, a painted white background

In practice, I think this room is inimitable, but these are good clues for me for future use of blue. And I like the idea of multicoloured sofa cushions; hours of happy rearranging and coordinating with my frocks.


  1. I loved blue at one point, then decided I hated it and now I'm starting to come back around again. I agree with you that it's difficult one. But I do love this sofa. The style and mix of colors is fabulous.

  2. It's true - I've never seen a successful room design containing any significant dark blue (in particular) at all.


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