Wednesday, July 15, 2009

stark luggage aspirations

It's nearly time to pack, and these are the suitcases I wish I had, the Safari range from Globetrotter of London.

Their website says it has a "stark, instantly recognisable aesthetic", which I'd imagine would be very helpful for identifying it on the luggage carousel amongst all the inferior luggage with a less stark aesthetic. 

I once pinned a silk peony to my suitcase to add to its aesthetic, but it caught fire in Atlanta airport, so that was that. I console myself that it wasn't stark enough anyhow.


  1. It caught fire?? Seriously? What goes on in Atlanta?

    I once bought a beautiful set of leather luggage because I was in love with the whole of romance of travel back then. Well, many years and trips later, it's ugly, generic bags with wheels for me. Traveling is not at all glamorous and those suckers are heavy! They now sit in my dressing room, just looking pretty.

  2. The suitcase caught fire!? Oh my goodness---having lived in the south, that sounds pretty much like the sort of craziness that can go on down there...

    my dream luggage? something from louis vuitton worth more than anything I would ever pack in it. what can i say, i'm a label whore!

  3. A dodgy luggage auto-conveyor in Atlanta, I was told. No riots or interesting terrorism, alas.

    Alek, I'm with you there - I'll have to have old-fashioned leather cases, even if they end up in my dressing room too. I like to think of them stashed in the car for country house weekends, but you're right, they're not for airports. I considered compromising on Cath Kidston oilcloth cases, but no.

    Anne, me too - Prada always turns my head...


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