Tuesday, July 28, 2009

a preponderance of pink

Anyone who read the occasional posts about my house will notice a preponderance of pink. This is inevitable when living with two little girls, one of whom is hardwired for a pink preference, while the other favours blue but is thwarted by the pinkness of preschool girl culture.

Myself, I lean toward raspberry pink and chalky pink, and will have to persuade myself to move on from pink, yellow and green combinations.

And how, you ask, does the only male of the family manage amid all the pink - does he yearn for camel brown and navy blue? Well, no, he has a good eye for design and colour, and is happy with our pink choices so long as his is implemented: the dishwasher must play Pink Floyd's 'Welcome to the Machine' whenever it is opened.


  1. i love pink tooo

  2. well if your musical tastes are as good as your taste in colours, I'll have to rev up the Internet and download that track to give it a try

  3. I'd say that's a good compromise! Thanks BTW for the hotel link - that is a good one! I remember reading about it before but it was not in my files so thank you! And welcome back - it's nice to see/read you.

  4. I find myself really drawn to the fuschia and berry shades of pink! Love the pics, makes my day!

  5. Ooohh what gorgeous pictures! You write very well, am loving your blog :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  6. My little girl loves pink too - all shades of pink. I like it when teamed with lots of green!
    We both went shopping for a shirt and jumper for her dad recently - yes, Pink! And he likes it!
    Good to have you back.

  7. Well done, Lorna and daughter, on the pink shirt and jumper! Whenever I'm in Germany I admire the men's clothes in the shops - much more colourful than here, in a nice way. Maybe Irish men are becoming more open to colour.


You're looking particularly well.

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