Thursday, July 30, 2009

it's getting better

It's four years now since we moved into this house, so it's time for the annual look back at the photos to encourage ourselves that we're making progress.

Here's the old kitchen. As we pointed out to the estate agent when we made an offer on the house, it's pretty yucky - you'd dash in for a slice of toast and quickly out again. No butter, no jam, minimal grim sensory input.

And this is a corner of the new kitchen, which is much more of a family room where we all gather for warmth and chitchat and slow-cook good dinners in pink casseroles.

The next urgent projects are the main bathroom and the hall (which still has those same reddish tiles as the old kitchen). How does one make a long, narrow corridor beautiful...?


  1. You did a great job on the kitch, I am sure you will come up with something great.

  2. it looks really gorgeous , like something out of elle deco.
    i presume its treble decker toast sandwiches now.

  3. Arrgh - I am hopelessly in love with your mustard yellow aga.

    The whole set-up looks fantastic actually - and weirdly (although it's in no way Irish-specific) it really makes me miss Ireland!

  4. The more I see of your kitchen, the more in love I become.

  5. wow ur kithcen is great thanks for following my blog i will return the compiment.

  6. Love those shelves so beautiful! x

  7. Wow! Now that's my idea of the perfect kitchen! (The after shot, not before!)- love all the colours and how bright it looks. Well done, Mrs! :-)

  8. This corner of your kitchen is simply lovely! It looks very welcoming and cosy - good job!

  9. That kitchen is unbelievable. Seems hard to believe it's the same one.

    Really, really enjoying your blog. Your post today (Aug. 12th) about your blog-learnings made me laugh out loud.


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