Monday, June 1, 2009

Vivienne St Clair's beach paintings

In this sudden summer, looking down at the ocean and the soaring gulls, it's easy to forget the wetness of winter and consider the west coast of Ireland an idyllic place to live.

In the early evening the girls go down to the sea for a last adventure on the sand and rocks before bedtime. Shells, crabs, feathers, seaweed, whatever they bring back appears in odd corners to keep the eternal tidy-up going. Some of it is designated their hoard and mustn't be touched.

Vivienne St Clair's beach paintings evoke these mellow days. Timeless and idyllic in their subjects, they remind me of sketches for children's books, coloured with impressionistic light.

Vivienne is from London, she originally worked as an archaeological illustrator in Hertford, and now lives in Tralee. Her latest paintings are available here as well as her giclée prints and she has a blog of postcard paintings of everyday things.

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  1. Oh, these are absolutely beautiful aren't they, lovely colours too.
    Simone :)


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