Friday, June 5, 2009

pink and yellow kitchen

My reader has asked whether I have a photo of the kitchen with pink and yellow accents. I do. When we moved in here, an extended old land commission cottage, the kitchen was north-facing and small. We knocked two rooms into one and raised the ceiling.

Later, I realised that the new room reminded me of my grandmother's kitchen in their old house in Mayo. There must have been a vogue for painted furniture back then - I always liked their big table and dresser in cream and pale green, and the large plastered fireplace with its hooks for the cauldron and kettle, and an armchair on either side. No fireplace for my kitchen, but the range serves the same function as the focal point of the room.

This is the island and the cooking dresser, and below are the dining dresser, west window and the table. One day that'll be a round table...


  1. What an unusual and lovely room... I love the way it's oldfashioned in terms of the unfitted look but really modern in the use of bright fresh colour - it must be such a sunny happy place to work in.

  2. your kitchen is really lovely,

  3. Gorgeous kitchen and I love your dresser

  4. I have some serious kitchen envy now! Is that oilcloth on your table? Where did you get it? I'm on the hunt for something similar.


You're looking particularly well.

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