Thursday, June 25, 2009

googling for lamps

You know the way it is with google images: you start searching for some home accessory, say a new lamp. Click click click and no luck. You believe that all you have to do is tweak your search ever so slightly and a world of perfect lamps will open before you. Click click click; no. Before you realise it you've wasted a whole hour and missed yet another heartstopping episode of Today in the Dáil.

It shouldn't be so difficult. As I search through hundreds of lamps, I see that they can be categorised as follows: too busy, too twee, too childish, too frilly, too gimmicky, and too bleak. The reader may rightly categorise me as too fussy, but I've made lamp mistakes before.

Look, this is my current bedside lamp. Ok, not too bad, you remark, though you're not sure about those metal leaves and flowers. But it stabs me when I switch it on, it's too faux ladylike, and the annoying shade only allows for a particular shape of hard to find lightbulb. I think it would make a better hatstand.
This is my very favourite lampshade, the Afhild Fagel crewelwork one from Ikea. Yes, I know I said I don't like shopping in Ikea, but don't bother me now; I'm busy. This shade is in my daughters' bedroom and I don't have the heart or the courage to steal it.

Along the google path, I learn fascinating facts, such as that the only acceptable striped lampshades are in Australia. And that 'handcrafted' ones tend to be uglier than the norm, as though they need to be over-engineered or over-adorned to justify the price.

But I still haven't found a new lamp. Is yours beautiful?


  1. Top marks to that hatstand...

  2. I like your addition of the 'for gods sake'
    i follow a blog called boboho and shes just done a posting on her newest lampshades
    really divine customised work......
    you may have to diy

  3. Thanks Elaine for the boboho tip - some really imaginative stuff there! The chandelier is superb. Hope you have a great holiday!

  4. Hello Mise,

    A friend was having the same trouble recently, so I put together a 'lamps' post for her:

    She had quite specific requirements (and lives in the US), but I think you might like the 'Botanicals' lamps I mentioned...

    Serena x


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