Monday, June 1, 2009

Anne Enright on travel and homecoming

In a very entertaining piece in the London Review of Books, Anne Enright describes her homecoming after being away on the writers' circuit:

Back home, I pause at the door to arrange my conference face: ‘My goodness I am tired, and I certainly had no fun, and I worked so much and drank so little, my goodness it is just such a relief to be back with you all.’ Meanwhile, he gets ready to throw the family at me like a rugby ball, and head out the door, and not come back for quite some time. We do not fight. Much. A mercy.

And, of the design of her many hotel surroundings, she has "a faint, geological interest in the tiling" of the bathrooms which are lent hope by "the possibility of a sewing kit".

The full article is well worth a read for its insight into airport and hotel life, so novel and entertaining for the occasional trip, so much of a setpiece if it is regular travel for work.

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  1. Agreed - Enright's piece is brilliant. Her personal essays are fantastic. I recall she wrote one a few years ago about her experience giving birth in Holles street. The first line is unforgetable: Amniotic fluid smells like tea.


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